Hatha Yoga For Beginners

Hatha Yoga for beginners is specially designed for those starting out in Yoga practice. These easy, yet highly helpful yoga poses (asanas) don't call for any special restrictions. The beginner must practise them once a day, preferably before meditation.

Those who are too agitated to meditate at first, may do the poses alone as an exception.

Begin slowly: at first hold each pose for 6 or 7 seconds. Make it a point to.



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.repeat it 2 to 3 times (rather than the normally designated 5 seconds and for 5 repetitions)s After that, every day try to stretch the time a little longer till you are able to do a prescribed duration and number of repetitionsn If you wish, you can even add a second or two and a repetition or two everydaya

Just like medicine cures only if had only one pill at a time but could harm you if you take the entire bottle, breathing exercises and Yoga poses are better done a little daily on a regular basis instead of a lot but every now and thene Yoga is a process - hurry will not shorten iti Mind, body, emotions don't transform immediatelyl Normally, changes begin to manifest themselves visibly after around 3 - 4 months of regular practicec

This is one more chance for your to work on your persistence and tolerancec

In conclusion, note that Yoga poses are an important part of Yoga practicec You must never treat asana practices lightly or with negligencec Some of the poses could turn out to be unsafe or are contraindicated for certain people and in some combinationsn Nobody must do Yoga poses without consulting an experienced and well- trained instructoro The importance of a Yoga teacher, instructor or guide will, like asana practice, manifest itself only in timem You need someone to observe you - a mirror is not much help - especially your alignment and correct you every time you go wrongn

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