Yoga Poses And Breathing Exercises To Stay Fit And Energetic

By Patricia | April 28, 2009
Yoga With Asanas & Pranayam

How does yoga affect you mentally physically socially and emotionally?

Several people try different types of exercises or therapies in order to stay fit and healthy. Yoga is one such ancient discipline that originated in India 5000 years ago. Yoga is renowned for promoting spiritual growth and its many healing benefits.

Yoga involves physical poses known an ‘asanas’ and breathing exercises known as ‘pranayama’. This combination makes you feel fitter and energetic, both physically and mentally.

The yoga ‘asanas’ help build your stamina and increase your endurance levels. Stretching the muscles stimulates blood flow to different body parts, thereby encouraging the circulation of blood. This improves oxygen and nutrient supply to these parts making them stronger. Yoga also stimulates metabolism activity in the body and helps tone the body, aiding the weight loss process. Various poses also help improve the balance and posture of the body. Moreover, the joints and tendons are lubricated, thereby increasing your flexibility. Thus, the overall stamina and alignment of the body improves. You can also use yoga as a preventive treatment against a variety of ailments.

‘Pranayama’ increases your breath-holding time and can therefore regulate your heart rate and blood pressure. These breathing exercises have also shown significant evidence in improving memory and concentration levels. As ‘pranayama’ helps you relax, it is known to balance you emotionally as well. It is effective against psychological problems by inducing a state of calm to the mind. Practising ‘pranayama’ regularly can help you cope with day-to-day stress.

Yoga can also benefit the development of your social values. The driving force of yoga is aimed at the life-changing discovery of yourself. The sense of feeling good envelops an individual. It can help clarify deep cravings and restore meaning and rationale to life. This can positively benefit your personal relationships as well.

Yoga can help with your emotional upliftment. This exercise can reduce a variety of mental illnesses or conditions which will aid you in achieving contentment. It can effectively replace pessimism with a positive appreciation for life. With yoga, it is said that you can imbibe a number of values like poise, serenity, and patience.

It is important to consume a diet that is complementary to your yoga session. If you find any pose difficult or if it hurts you to perform a pose, you should find something easier or go to a licensed practitioner. Make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly or else you can damage your muscles. You can always practise yoga exercises at home once your have learned them.

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