Yoga Poses & Exercises To Alleviate Tennis Elbow Pain

By Patricia | April 28, 2009
Yoga For Tennis Elbow

Common yoga poses for elbow pain

Yoga is becoming more and more popular as a form of exercise and alternative healing therapy. Yoga’s focus is holistic. It employs a broad range of practices that focus on a healthy way of thinking and living. The health benefits of yoga are many and varied. From stress relief to toning up and strengthening the muscles, integrating Yoga poses and exercises into our daily routine is highly beneficial.

Tennis Elbow relief is just one of the many benefits Yoga has to offer. Whether by playing the sport or not, tennis elbow is terribly painful and irritating. The irritation is largely in the tendons of the forearm where they are attached to the elbow joints. This might be the result of overusing the arm or through direct injury. Over extending tends to make the elbow joint less stable, meaning to say, the tendons have to work harder.

Some Yoga stretches and poses for Tennis Elbow

Yoga poses can do a lot to alleviate tennis elbow. The Wrist-strengthening poses, like the Push Up Pose give you more control over the wrist muscles. This way you release the pressure from the delicate tendons connecting your wrist to your elbow. Likewise, the Finger To Wrist Side Body Stretch is a great preventative as well as healing measure for tennis elbow. This stretch vastly opens up the area of the chest and shoulders. If you try these stretches and poses for just a few minutes you will make a great difference to your elbow.

Ideally you should practice the variation of Half Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) before attempting the full Cobra Pose. For this, you lie flat on your belly in front of a wall, with your legs and feet together. As you inhale, start walking your palms up the wall, as far as they can reach. Keep your arms straight and when you are not able to walk your hands any higher, hold them there there, gaze at your fingertips and take ten slow deep breaths. You will feel your shoulder joints start to open up.

You can also do a variation of this stretch, by looking down. This will put more pressure on your shoulder joints. But after this you will be ready for the Full Cobra Pose. This is not just great for tennis elbow; it even helps improve your posture, strengthens your back muscles and strengthens your arms as well. Another highly beneficial Yoga pose for tennis elbow is Supta Vajrasana (Supine Thunderbolt Pose).

Also, try using props for your tennis elbow poses such as a yoga belt, or a yoga strap or block. Meanwhile, take care not to strain too much, especially when you feel the pain, and see that you consult your doctor before starting any of these or other new exercises.

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