Benefits Of Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

By Patricia | February 4, 2009
Mountain Pose Benefits

The Mountain Pose or ‘Tadasana’, as it is known in Sanskrit, is one of the most important poses or asanas for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons why this pose is so important is because it is in all probability one of the first poses you will learn as a student of yoga. This is because the Mountain Pose is most often used as the asana or pose with which most yoga routines are begun, after which you move into the other poses of the routine. You will generally return to the Mountain Pose during the middle of the session and again at the end. At these times the practitioner must pay careful attention to his posture, breathing, and to the concentration. Later on, once you are relatively skilled at yoga, the Mountain Pose will remain as important and relevant as ever. When you engage in intensive yoga routines the Mountain Pose will help you concentrate and retain the meditative focus, and in fact increase it.

Apart from the importance of the Mountain Pose as a part of the yoga sequence it offers various benefits, most stemming from its effect on posture. Most of our problems, like back aches and tense muscles, are caused purely because of bad posture. The spinal region is the most vulnerable and also the most important region when it comes to posture. If there is the slightest misalignment in the spine and the spinal muscles, there is stiffness and the result is inflexibility. This in turn can cause more serious problems in the region and also results in an imbalance in your body. This off course means that other areas of your body and organs are not immune to the effects. For this reason the Mountain Pose is so important. It works on the spine, making it strong and supple. It helps to correct the alignment of the spinal region and maintain a balance in your body.

One of the striking features of the Mountain Pose is that despite the fact that it may appear that you are merely standing, the pose works on almost every muscle group, stretching, strengthening and relaxing it. Apart from its benefits for the spine it also tones and strengthens the abdominal muscles. The Mountain Pose is also used in a lot of slimming routines and weight loss routines as it helps get in shape and tone your body.

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