Yoga Poses For Improving Your Posture

By Patricia | February 4, 2009
Yoga To Improve Your Posture

Poor posture is a common problem today as most of us spend our days slouched over our computers at work; teenagers and kids spend most of their time either gaming or watching the television. For most of us therefore slouching is something quite natural and we need to make a conscious effort to retrain our muscles to correct the problem. This although not impossible is extremely challenging and requires a great deal of determination and conscious effort. Over time it will come naturally to you and require no effort.

Yoga can definitely help improve posture and is in fact one of the best fitness regimes you can take up. This is because it is not simply a physical fitness routine but is a lifestyle or discipline that strives towards fitness and good health in all areas of your life – physical, emotional or mental, and spiritual. These yoga sessions or routines consist of a series of exercises or poses known as asanas and breathing techniques, known as pranayamas. These poses help to stretch and strengthen the various muscles in your body, stimulate and promote the functioning of various bodily functions, and improve your posture. They can also help to relax and rejuvenate completely.

Your posture is in fact a very important facet of yoga, a fact that most people miss. Every physical yoga exercise is a pose or posture. Maintaining these poses perfectly is vital and requires a great deal of practice and discipline. There are however some poses or asanas that are particularly beneficial as compared to others, and some that will focus on a particular part of the body, while others will focus on another aspect. However, it is important that you practice these poses or asanas as part of a yoga session or routine, and not in isolation. These poses are meant to be practiced in flowing sessions, moving from one pose to the next, but in a specific planned out sequence. It is only when these exercises are practiced exactly as instructed that the benefits can be derived. Moreover failing to follow instructions carefully can at times have serious repercussions and result in injury.

Some poses that you should consider incorporating into your routine to help improve your posture include the following:

  • The Mountain Pose or Tadasana
  • The Standing Forward Bend or Uttanasana
  • The Cat or Cow Stretch
  • The Bridge Pose or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
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