Yoga And Pilates For Strengthening, Increasing Flexibility and Muscle Coordination

By Patricia | December 10, 2008
Yoga & Pilates For Muscle Coordination

Which Is Better Yoga Or Pilates For Bad Back

Well, there are some who believe that Pilate is better for back pain, while there are others who believe that yoga is better. Both of the exercises have their benefits.

Pilate: Pilate actually came from yoga. It was started by a person who took yoga classes to improve his health and wanted the workout to be more beneficial to core muscles than it actually was. That’s how Pilate evolved. Pilate strengthens the trunk muscles. It is about postural alignment and strengthening of the spinal column. While yoga is good for strengthening all the muscles of the body, Pilate works the core posture muscles. But both yoga and Pilate will strengthen and tone your body, increase your flexibility and muscle coordination. Both forms of exercise help in curing back pain. So, ultimately, it’s what you want to do.

Pilate With A Bad Back: Pilate will teach you about posture and alignment. It will make your body supple and tone your muscles. Pilate will help you build your core muscles, especially around the spinal column. The deep breathing techniques, will improve blood circulation, helping the body to cure itself of ligament or muscle injury. Since Pilate involves controlling your muscle movements, there are less chances of back injury.

Yoga: Yoga is an age-old form of exercise, which is highly recommended by doctors for curing back problems as well as a host of other problems. Yoga consists of stretching and strengthening postures as well as medication and breath work. Practiced in India for over 5,000 years, this is a physical as well as spiritual exercise.

Yoga To Help Back Problems: Yoga makes your body supple and strong. It also stretches your muscles and de-stresses you mentally and physically. It is also a way to loose weight and learn about body balance. These elements help in curing a bad back and this gentle form of exercise is good for people with a bad back.

Yoga And Pilates Teachers: If you’re planning to learn any one of these exercises or both, do some homework about the classes and the teacher. Instructors need to be well-qualified and experienced. If you have a back problem, make sure that your instructor is qualified to teach people with certain injuries or problems, especially those with spinal or mobility problems. Speak to your doctor before you join a class. In fact, even your doctor might be able to suggest a class. If you have a back problem, you may even need one-to-one coaching.

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