Yoga Posture Under Expert’s Guidance Can Prevent & Cure Hernia

By Patricia | December 24, 2008
Yoga To Prevent/Cure Hernia

We recommend that you speak to your doctor and consult a yoga teacher before you begin doing yoga with your hernia. You might also like to learn about hernia and know what can be done and what cannot be done with this condition.

What Is Hernia

Hernia: A hernia is a part of an organ, most likely the intestine, which is protruding through an opening in the body. This situation is usually abnormal. Hernias occur when a part of the intestine protrudes from a weakness in the wall of the abdomen, creating a visible bulge. There are several types of hernia: inguinal hernia in the groin; umbilical hernia around the navel; ventral hernia, which happens in and around a surgical incision. While some are congenital, other hernias can grow over a period of time or pop up suddenly.

You can get inkling about a developing hernia when you can see a protrusion in the areas mentioned above. If you see a lump in your groin or the abdomen, which doesn’t go when you press it, then you might want to visit the doctor for a checkup. You may also feel a dull ache that may increase when you’re active. Also, the hernia can grow.

Causes: Some of the common causes for hernia are: weakness in the abdominal wall; previous surgery and weakness in an area due to a surgical incision; organs pushing on the incision or weak abdominal wall; excessive smoking; age; and, obesity.

It is advisable to speak to a doctor and see if you need surgery. You also need to be careful about the activities you do with a hernia because you don’t want to inure yourself and cause some serious damage.

Yoga And Hernia: Yoga is said to be beneficial for people with hernia or those who have a tendency to develop hernia. Yoga postures, when done correctly under the guidance of an expert, can prevent as well as cure hernia. But while some of the yoga asanas can be beneficial for hernia patients, there are other asanas like Kapalbhati, Locust pose, Sun Salutation and Bow pose, which should be avoided. If you carry on with these postures, you might make matters worse and this might lead you to the operation theatre.

Yoga is gaining popularity all across the world because of the health as well as medical benefits of this form of exercise. Yoga is said to prevent and cure several health problems. There are also specific asanas which help hernia patients. But you should work with an expert yoga teacher and after consulting a doctor, so that you do the correct poses.

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