Is It Ok To Have a Bath After Practicing Yoga

By Patricia | December 24, 2008
Shower After Yoga- Do's And Don’ts

Is It Okay To Take A Shower Immediately After Doing Yoga For One Hour

No, it isn’t advisable to take a shower immediately after doing yoga for an hour.

Showering After Yoga:

It will be a good idea to take a cold shower sometime before you want to practice yoga. A cold shower before practice works like hydrotherapy. It stimulates and invigorates your glands and prepares your body and mind for yoga. When you take that shower before yoga practice, remember to take a cold or at least a luke warm shower, but never a hot shower. If you do take a hot shower, then make sure that you have enough of time before starting yoga and yoga can spend that time wrapped in a blanket after the hot shower. You should also never take a shower in-between your yoga session, as it disrupts the sequence of yoga and drains away the energy. Ideally, you should take a cold shower before yoga and meditation. After yoga, you can take a break for sometime and either go for a walk or do something you like, before taking a luke warm shower, that is if you feel that you must have one after your yoga session. But there should be a break after yoga before you do take that warm shower.

A hot shower after practicing yoga is said to draw the blood away from the glands and the internal organs. A shower directs the blood to the skin. Some also believe that a showering immediately after yoga drains away essential energy. This energy that you’ve built up through practice cannot be replenished.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Yoga:

Now that you know about the showering rule, let’s look at some of the basic yoga guidelines:

  • You shouldn’t do yoga if you have a medical problem or health condition. Inverted postures too should be avoided as these tend to make your head woozy, increase your blood pressure and can cause eye problems. It’s advisable to speak to a doctor before beginning yoga.
  • You might like to do your yoga sessions either early in the mornings or in the evenings much before you eat a meal.
  • Exercising on a full stomach is not advisable. So, you might like to wait for a few hours before doing yoga and about an hour after doing yoga, before you eat anything.
  • If you’re doing yoga in the morning, make sure that you do it an hour after you wake up. But do not begin yoga immediately after jumping out of bed because your body will still be stiff. You should also avoid doing asanas immediately before bedtime as you will feel too rejuvenated to sleep.

These are some of the guidelines that you should follow while doing yoga.

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