Setting the Stage for Romance with Aromatherapy

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on November 9, 2012

The concept of Aromatherapy, and the use of aromatic oils and fragrances as aphrodisiac agents may be gaining ground in modern times, but its importance has been recorded even in ancient times (read mythology). According to Indian mythology, a King by the name of Shantanu, was so captivated by the natural fragrance of a beautiful girl called Satyavati that he asked her to marry him.


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Most of us unfortunately may not be blessed with natural fragrances which can be used to seduce someone, but we can definitely create a romantic ambience with the help of aromatherapy. This technique is slowly gaining momentum in the modern world and is being used by an increasing number of people everywhere.

Ideas for setting mood with aromatherapy are plenty.

Candles have become synonymous with romance and sensuality, so lighting up aromatic candles to create a romantic environment would be a good start. There are many fragrances which are considered to be great aphrodisiacs. These include - vanilla, sandalwood, jasmine and many more. Choosing the right candle, which you think would appeal to your partner is paramount.

Also, instead of using plain water in candle diffuser cups, a combination of essential oils can be utilized. For instance, a combination of ylang ylang and Patchouli, which are considered as aphrodisiacs, may do the trick. Vaporizers with essential oils can also be tried. Vaporized essential oils are said to naturally improve the mood, by penetrating the blood stream and altering the brain’s function.

Flowers are another great tool. Decorating the house with fresh flowers can create a beautiful and aromatic ambience. In certain parts of India, rose petals are strewn on the bed of newly married couples, while in Indonesia, ylang ylang flowers are used.

Other ideas which could help set the mood include, creating an aromatic bath or spraying on some of your partner’s favorite perfume. Hair can hold scents/smell very well, so a light spray can be used on the hair as well.

However, there are certain tips and warnings that should be considered while setting the stage for romance with aromatherapy.


People are different and have different preferences. Keep in mind his/her liking, reaction and allergies to scents, before going overboard with the aromas.


There are certain oils like cinnamon, anise and citrus oils that can cause skin irritation when mixed into the bath; hence it is advisable to go soft on the bath too.

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