Low Fat Diet And Biles

By Patricia | June 15, 2009

The reason that you feel bloated and queasy is maybe because of improper digestion. This is the because of the lack of a gall bladder. To solve this problem, you have to modify your diet. The modified diet should eliminate all fats and oils as these require bile in order to be broken down. You can achieve this by understanding how bile works.

Bile is a liquid formed by the liver after the breaking down of red blood cells of the body by the liver. This bile contains bilirubin, a substance that is a characteristic telltale sign of liver malfunction. If found in excess quantities in the blood, it leads to a condition called jaundice. The liver, in a continuous flow, always secretes bile, but it is only required when digestion is active – usually after we eat. This is where the gall bladder is useful. The gall bladder serves no other purpose except for being a storehouse for bile. The gall bladder is the store house of bile in the body making it easy to digest complex foods. When food from the stomach passes down the digestive tract, bile is released in a huge amount and neutralizes the stomach acids for other enzymes to work on it. Meanwhile, the bile starts to work on converting fat into an easier form for absorption into the body. After this, the bile passes through the intestines and eventually, the intestines excrete it in feces.

When there is no concentrated bile, as it would come from the gall bladder, digestion of fats is the first system failure that happens. Without the emulsifying power of bile on fats, the enzymes cannot work on breaking it down further. Worse still is the fact that in the further parts of the intestine, there is no mechanism or bacteria that can work on fats. Eventually, the intestines excrete fat, giving it a characteristic fecal color as well. Therefore, the first step you need to take is to reduce your fat intake. This is so that the smaller quantities of bile produced by the liver can cope with the fat intake. This holds true for fatty foods and even oil intake. Another possible reason, for bloating and an uneasy feeling is the scars of surgery.

These can cause discomfort and would require consultation with the doctor who performed the surgery. You should also try to increase your intake of the vitamins D, E, K, and A in pills, since these vitamins are all fat-soluble and their intake might have been hampered.

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