Head-Stand Pose Benefits

By Patricia | December 15, 2008
Yoga To Fight Ageing Signs

Sirshasana or Head-stand pose is the most spectacular Yoga pose. It is also called the king of asanas or Yoga poses. It has lot of therapeutic benefits including retention of youth and vigor, prevention of hair fall and wrinkle-free skin. In this pose whole weight of the body rests on the head. The disc is subject to maximum pressure and strain. The lumber vertebrae automatically get placed in their normal position. This is very good for backache. The head-stand pose strengthens the digestive track, liver, kidney, stomach, intestines and improves digestion. The rush of arterial blood sharpens memory, increases power of concentration, removes headache, migraine, mental tension and anxiety. It has beneficial effect on endocrine system, reduces overweight. It also has good effect on sensory organs. The face receives plenty of arterial blood which nourishes the skin and facial tissues, prevents and erases wrinkles and hair becomes healthy.

Sirshasana or Head-Stand Pose should not be practiced if you are suffering from high blood pressure, a weak heart, vertigo, retina detachment, ear infection or overweight.

Beside Sirshasana (Head-Stand Pose), there are two more inverted yoga poses namely Viparitkarani (the Inverted Posture) and Sarvangasana (the Shoulder-Stand Pose) which you can practice as well, as they are also very effective for facial looks and retention of youthful looks.

In Viparitkarani or the Inverted Posture, the body takes up an inverted posture i.e. legs above the head. You lie on your back. Keep your legs together, arms at your sides. Inhaling raise the legs and hips with the help of your arms without bending your knees. Bend the arms and hold the hips in the hands so that the body is supported on the elbows, shoulder-blades and head. Exhaling move the legs towards the head so that the lower part of the spine is curved up and the legs are parallel to the floor. Hold this position as long as you are comfortable and then lower your legs to the ground. This pose recharges the body with new energy. The blood rushes to the neck, throat and head, and thyroid and pituitary glands get regenerated. The face looks young and free of wrinkles.

Sarvangasana or Head-stand pose is known as the king of asanas or yoga poses. In this pose you lie on your back and then exhaling slowly, raise your legs, hips and trunk until vertical. Raise the legs (without bending the knees) and hips by supporting the arms on the ground. Bend the elbows and hold the trunk supported by your hands. In this posture, the chin is buried in the upper chest. Remain in this position as long as you are comfortable, and then gently lower your trunk, pelvis and legs to the ground. This pose is good for thyroid as it receives blood abundantly. The symptoms of premature aging disappear making you look young, wrinkle free and healthy.

The same restrictions as that of Head-stand pose apply for these two poses also.

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