Negative Effects of Yoga On Your Body

By Patricia | December 4, 2008
Damage Caused By Incorrect Yoga Practices

Yoga is known to be a holistic discipline which enhances both physical and mental strength, and well-being. Yoga is said to bring a multitude of benefits to the table – physical, psychological, and spiritual. However, as with any other form of exercise, too much of yoga can be a bad thing.

In fact the effects of too much yoga on your body are just as damaging as the positive impacts experienced when practiced regularly and in moderation. It is very important to realize early on that yoga is not about quantity. Unlike other forms of exercise, the impact isn’t determined by the time spent on the routine or a specific amount of calories. It depends on how well the practice is done. Yoga involves a series of postures, breathing techniques and meditation. It is essential to hold the pose correctly along with the accompanying breathing exercises. When executed properly, the impact on your body and mind is positive and immediate.

Yoga follows a mind-body approach, which believes that engaging the mind is the best way to commit to the routine. When you do too much yoga, the mind can get distracted. This impacts the workout negatively. When you stop paying attention to your routine, posture begins to waver and breathing is affected. This increases the chances of physical injury and internal imbalances. The results are dramatic and painful and include knee, wrist, shoulder, neck, and back sprains; muscle pulls; ligament and tendon damage. It can also lead to blinding headaches, nausea, and gastric disturbances. It may also cause increased confusion and panic attacks.

Don’t ignore any component of the routine – warm ups, breathing exercises, cool downs, etc. All of these play a part in preparing the body for exercise. Pushing the body into aggressive poses over and over again when it isn’t ready or ill equipped, can increase the risk of injury.

It is also essential to have a safe and well composed routine. Yoga exercises are designed to address specific issues. For example, if you practice late during the evenings and your entire routine is compose of high energy movements; you will experience disturbed sleep patterns. Always keep in mind the one important rule of yoga - listen to your body. If you feel even a hint of discomfort, stop. If you don’t feel up to the exercise, opt out of it. Practice in moderation and you’ll always be healthy.

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