Differences Between Yoga, Yogalates And Pilates

By pal | September 30, 2008
Differences Between Yoga, Yogalates And Pilates
  • Pilates: Pilates is a form of exercise that has recently become very popular though it was introduced by Joseph Pilates after World War 1. It is based on yoga in the sense that it uses body postures that work to build the core strength of the body. Your core muscles are those that support your skeletal system and give you correct balance and posture. In pilates, all movement begins from this ‘core’. Pilates uses the concept of resistance and makes use of machines like cables, springs and trolleys, which is what makes it different from yoga. It has more in common with strength training than with yoga.
  • Yoga: Yoga is a holistic approach to exercise, where the body is made supple, sculpted, aligned and balanced. The main aim of Yoga is to make the mind achieve a sense of calmness and balance through exercise. It combines physical exercise (Asana), with correct breathing (Pranayama) and meditation (Dhyana) to achieve total wellbeing. The focus is not on pure exercise alone. It is also more quiet and calming, where any kind of undue stress is discouraged.
  • Yogalates: Yogaltes is a combination of yoga and pilates. It is a blend of East and West philosophy and exercise, in order to derive benefits from both schools. It is practicing pilates on the yoga mat, so to speak. The exercises incorporate stretching, strengthening and limbering. The focus is more on developing the physical aspect of the self. Yogalates incorporates yoga in the sense that poses are held for some time and there is a pause between poses. There is also an emphasis on breathing and going with the flow. At the same time, intensive abdominal and back strengthening exercises are done, which are more pilates than yoga. With yogalates, you burn fat faster than with pure yoga, and at the same time get the spiritual wellbeing that yoga brings.

The difference lies basically in the approach and philosophy behind the exercise. Pilates concentrates on 'look' whereas yoga lays emphasis on 'feel'. Pilates encourages body awareness and conscious movement, aiming at grace in every step. Pilates is very popular with dancers as a form of exercise. Yoga lays greater emphasis on the mind and body connection and the development of a spiritual attitude. Yoga exercises lengthen the spine to release spiritual energy and pilates concentrates on body balance and fluid movement. Yogaltes combines the two.

Whichever form of exercise you choose, you must ensure that your clothing is right, the space is well-ventilated. And the most important is to have a teacher to guide you through the exercises.

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