Chronic Lower Back Pain And Hip Problem

By Patricia | June 22, 2010
Low Back Pain Treatment

Low Back Pain Treatment

Pain in the lower back is something that almost all of us are familiar with. At some point in our lives, we all suffer from the agonizing pain in our lower back which is almost debilitating. Although some people experience lower back pain due to an injury sustained in their past, most of us experience this pain because of incorrect postures and problems in the structural alignment of the spine.

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is an uncommon but acutely painful disorder in which the sciatic nerve, which passes through the spine, gets compressed due to inflammation or injury. This nerve, when compressed, gives the sensation of acute pain in the back and the sides. Women, who are pregnant and have extra pressure on their spine, are especially prone to this disorder. Sciatica treatment can be possible through various poses of yoga. However, medically, no perfect cure of sciatica has yet been found.

Hip Pain Treatment

People who have weak hip flexor muscles may also experience pain in their back. Apart from the pain they experience in their back region, they may also often experience a distortion of their posture, which may further aggravate pain in the back. People with such symptoms often also experience pain in their hips region. Hip pain treatment, which includes some hip flexor exercises that are recommended by a physiotherapist, may help you.

Neck Pain Treatment

A lot of people also suffer from pain in their neck, especially at the location where the shoulders and the neck meet. This is a very soft spot and the pain in the muscles of this region may also often reverberate through the spine, causing pain along the entire column. Neck pain treatment involves exercises of the neck and may occasionally also require wearing of a stiff collar to protect your neck from sudden movements and jerks.

Kidney Infection And Pain Treatment

Muscle strain and spasms are other causes of injuries and pain in the lower back. A lot of times, the pain may be located elsewhere but have an affect on the spine. Pain in the kidneys for example, is often reflected in the muscles of the lower back. Kidney pain treatment may also often include rehabilitation of the spine. A slipped disk or a herniated disk is also associated with extreme pain in the lower back region. This is another cause of concern, as a herniated disk treatment may include a surgery.

Chronic Low Back Pain Treatment

Chronic back pain is usually associated with a bad posture and lack of exercise. Conditions like arthritis and spondylitis can also cause chronic back pain. For chronic back pain treatment and upper back pain treatment, exercises which involve stretching and strengthening of the spine are preferred. There are many such exercises which can be performed in yoga and Pilates.

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