Health Benefits of Petitgrain Essential Oils

By Patricia | April 13, 2009
Health Benefits of Petitgrain Essential Oils

Aromatherapy makes use of essential oils or aromatic compounds to help refresh the body. These essential oils are derived from different parts of plants and are highly concentrated. The oils contain the therapeutic properties as well as the aroma of the source plant.

Petitgrain essential oil is one of the three oils obtained from the orange tree. The other two are neroli oil from orange flowers and orange oil from the rind of the fruit. Petitgrain oil is extracted through steam distillation from the leaves and twigs of the orange plant. This oil was once extracted from green unripe oranges that are really small in size, hence the name ‘petitgrain’ or little grains. Petitgrain oil blends well with other oils used for relaxing therapy such as lavender and lemon.

Petitgrain oil is a wonderful therapeutic oil to use for massages. This is because petitgrain oil has anti-depressant properties. Thus, it induces a relaxing effect on the mind and is useful against anxiety and panic attacks. Petitgrain oil is known to soothe your mind and is therefore effective against stress. It has also been used as a nerve tonic to help calm nervous afflictions. It can also be added to diffusers or vaporisers to help with exhaustion.

This oil is also a natural anti-septic and fights infection by inhibiting bacterial growth. As this oil is non toxic and does not easily irritate the body, it can be safely applied externally or ingested as well. In order to apply it to the skin, you should first mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or wheatgerm oil. For ingestion, add 2 drops of this oil to a glass of water and drink it.

As this oil has a light fruity refreshing smell, it is often used in aromatherapy body creams and deodorants. It helps maintain the moisture and oil balance of the skin and can thus relieve dryness of the skin. Petitgrain oil also helps clear up greasy skin and can help with acne and general toning of the skin. Also, given its anti-bacterial properties, it is effective against any skin infections. Therefore, it is an active ingredient in some deodorants as it checks the growth of bacteria in the armpits, usually subjected to heat and sweat.

Petitgrain oil is also anti-spasmodic in nature. Therefore, it relaxes your tissues, muscles and nerves, thereby relieving these areas of any excessive contractions or spasms. Thus, it is effective against muscular cramps, abdominal pain, headaches and even congestion.

This oil is extremely useful in aromatherapy for its mood enhancing as well as its medicinal properties.

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