Synthetic Oil Additive

Natural oils are in great demand for they are essential in the manufacture of almost all cosmetic and medicinal products. Natural oils are extracted from plants and plant products and are used in various healing therapies.

While massage and aromatherapy rely strongly on oil extractions, oils are used in bath and body products, incense sticks, candles, and so on for fragrance and therapeutic use.


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Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda also have treatments based in natural oils. Many of these oils are concentrated when extracted from their source. Oils are primarily divided into concentrated oils like lavender and sandalwood, and others like sesame and olive are use frequently as base oils. Not all oils are fit for use directly from source, and require to be modified for treating health conditions. In such cases oil additives have to be added to make them viable for use.

Natural Oil & Synthetic Oil Additives

Oil additives are used for various purposes. In massage oils they are used to improve emollient property of the oil. When oils are too viscous or too thin, oil additives are used to transform them. Among the main reasons however, is that oil additives often improve or facilitate the medicinal and curative properties of the base oil.

As natural oils are expensive, manufacturers are resorting to using synthetic oil additives with increasing frequency. However, medicinal practitioners believe that the best oil additives are those that are derived from natural sources since they have minimal adverse effects, and are very effective for the desired purpose.

Synthetic oil additives are hence not a preferred option. Although this does make the product more expensive they will be of premium quality with no chances of undesired side effects. Natural additives, on the other hand, do not detract from the therapeutic properties of essential oils. Amongst oil additives that work for a host of therapeutic oils are wheat germ, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and almond oil are common additives in oil used for aromatherapy. These oils are known as carrier oils and they enhance the natural benefits of the pure essential oil.

Other commonly used oil additives are organic vegetable extract oils as they are ideal carriers for applying the beneficial properties of essential oil adding vitamins and nutrients to the essential extract. Because of the potency of essential oils it is recommended they should not be applied directly to your skin and oil additives that work with the essential oil of choice.

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