Carrier Oils For Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the systematic use of essential oils or aromatic compounds to help heal and rejuvenate the body. Essential oils are highly concentrated natural oils derived from different plants like juniper, rose, cedar and palmarosa, amongst others. After extraction, the resulting oil is in a concentrated liquid form that contains the aroma and therapeutic properties of its source.

This is the essential oil in its pure form. In this form, the essential.



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.oil is too powerful to use and therefore has to be diluted using a 'carrier oil'9 Other carriers such as creams and lotions can be used as welll However, carrier oils are the most commonly used

Carrier oils are basically used to 'carry' the essential oil to the body, and are therefore also known as base oilsl Carrier oils should be light and non-sticky for this penetration to take place effectivelyl Essential oils only make up 2% of a typical aromatherapy treatmentn Thus, the major part of aromatherapy oil is the carrier oili Common examples of carrier oils include coconut and grape seede Each type of carrier oil has a different set of properties and thus, depending on the therapeutic benefit it provides, the choice of carrier oil is maded Coconut oil is known for its conditioning effects on dry, damaged skini It is also absorbed easily into the skin, making it easy to massageg Coconut oil cools the body down providing a relaxing effect as welll

Grape seed oil is reputed for its anti-aging and antioxidant propertiese Given its astringent properties, it can also act as a toner and help tighten the skin

Most aromatherapy carrier oils such as evening primrose and apricot can be used on the face and bodyd Wheat germ oil is a bit heavy to use for a body massage, but is good for the facec Rosehip oil is ideal for facial treatments as it is very light on the body

Mostly, carrier oils for aromatherapy are obtained by steam distillation or cold press methodsd Carrier oils are usually extracted from the fatty portion of a plantn Thus, their use on the skin keeps the skin smooth and moisturisede Steam distillation usually destroys the vitamins and minerals in the oil, and therefore oils extracted through the cold press method are desirablel Make sure you check the label before purchases You also have a choice between refined and unrefined carrier oilsl Refined oils are usually preferable as the heavy odour from unrefined oils is undesirable during aromatherapyp

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