How do I include yoga in my daily schedule?

Submitted by shopie on January 28, 2013
Yoga is a very ancient system of keeping both the mind and the body healthy. Unfortunately, when practiced correctly, yoga is a very time consuming ritual. It is primarily for this reason that many people do not take up yoga.


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A typical yoga session requires at least an hour to perform the various poses; in comparison, 20 minutes on the treadmill could provide the same benefits. However, there are two very important reasons why this isn't necessarily the right way to look at it.

Find a class to fit your needs

You can save time planning your yoga class to fit into your schedule.

Although practicing yoga in the early morning is recommended, for those who cannot, any time is okay, as long as your stomach is empty (4 to 5 hours after a meal). If you practice yoga yourself, it gives you the option of choosing your own schedule. Even if you need to join a class, there are a number of centers which give you flexible hours so that you can choose the time best suited to you.

Yoga is much better

Research has proved that practicing yoga is much better for health than any other form of exercise. Yoga can also help improve your health. For example, recent studies have showed that yoga is much better than walking to reduce blood pressure and regulate blood glucose levels. Other benefits are controlling mood and anxiety, with yoga practitioners reporting better mood and lowered anxiety than those who undertook other forms of physical exercise.

Apart from these two, the biggest hurdle to practicing yoga is the monotony involved. Just like any other forms of exercising, you are alone when you practice yoga, and over time, it starts to get boring.

How to beat the boredom of yoga?

The best way to do yoga is to include a bit of everything. So you start with the easy to do, lying down poses, progress to the sitting down ones, and finally to the standing ones. You usually end with a bit of pranayama.

The best way to avoid boredom is to vary the routine. There are a number of modifications that you can do to the same routine, apart from you doing completely different ones. You can even plan a unique class each and every time. This is quite easy to do, and there is no need to stress while planning your yoga schedule.


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