Yoga For Different Medical Conditions

By Patricia | February 13, 2009
Yoga Therapeutic Treatment

Is yoga used as a therapy and does it really have any therapeutic function in the medical world?

Yoga is definitely valuable as a therapeutic aid for the treatment of a number of conditions. This therapeutic role of yoga has gained greater recognition in recent decades and yoga is coming to play a greater role in modern medicine. Till recent years, most traditional techniques of treatment, whether yoga, herbal remedies or acupuncture, were disregarded and disregarded by the medical establishment. Many of these techniques have since played a prominent role in alternative medicine, but still relegated to a category on the fringes of medical science. Studies and research in the last two decades however have validated the efficacy of many of these disciplines, giving them a prominent niche in the medical establishment. Acupuncture and acupressure for that matter are accepted practices in the medical establishment and are used to treat a variety of conditions. The same holds true of other traditional disciplines and there are others that still need to be researched further.

Yoga is one of the most wholesome disciplines, but it also has a proportionately large body of knowledge, values, and belief systems, making it a lot harder to investigate thoroughly. Results have however been positive and there are plenty of yoga techniques that are recognized for their beneficial effects. Yoga does not necessarily work as a miracle cure, but practicing yoga definitely helps recovery in most medical conditions. Depending on the ailment specific yoga practices would be recommended. It's also great for normal individuals as it improves your health in every sense and significantly reduces the risk of a number of diseases and health conditions. It also helps improve the mental faculty as it restores calm and peace and promotes creativity and greater levels of awareness. Yoga is therefore the most wholesome of all treatments.

Yoga therapy as field in itself is a westernized yoga outlook, pioneered specifically to accommodate yoga and conventional treatments for various conditions with the goal of bettering your health. Most treatments that recommend yoga involve the practice of yoga as a complimentary medicine. This means that while yoga may not be the cure itself it serves to improve your health, helping to overcome and recover from the disease or condition much faster and a lot more effectively. It can also help to nullify the possible side effects of some conventional treatments. Yoga practices generally include the practices of exercise through its asanas or poses and breath control or pranayam, and meditation.

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