Know about various Reclining Poses

By Patricia | February 13, 2009
Corpse, Hero, & Other Reclining Poses

Reclining poses help to cool down the body after other strenuous and intense stretches and asanas or postures. They helps to get rid of the strain, boost clarity of the mind, and relieve tension in the body. There are several reclining poses or yoga asanas and they helps to keep the various systems in the body functioning at an optimum level by increasing the flexibility of the joints, improving the digestive functions, getting rid of harmful toxins and waste materials. It also effectively boosts the strength of the leg and back muscles. They totally help to relax and calm the nervous system and also provide rest to the body in between various asanas or poses. The Bala asana or the child's pose is used in between various asanas or poses when a person needs a little rest. The Shava asana or the corpse pose is the best of all the reclining poses as it gives total and complete relaxation to your mind and body. It looks like a very easy pose but it is slightly difficult to practice in the beginning as it involves being very still and calm with both your mind and body. The Shava asana or the corpse pose is generally performed at the end of every yoga session but you can also practice it any time you feel very stressed or at the end of a tiring day. The reclining poses help you to soak in and feel the benefits of the asanas or poses that you have practiced before you start the other asanas or poses again.

There are several reclining yoga asanas or poses such as the Apana asana or the knees to chest pose, Supta Vira asana or the reclining hero pose, Supta Baddha Kona asana or the reclining bound angle, Jathara Parivartana asana or the reclining open leg spinal twist, Supta padangustha asana or the reclined leg stretch, Supta Parivartana asana or the reclined thigh over thigh twist.

These reclining asanas or poses help to stretch your shoulders and spine. They help to improve the digestive functions of your body and massage your abdomen as well as the back. They also open up your hips, eliminate the pain from the lower back and help to get rid of stress and tension. They also open up your chest and increase the lung capacity. They also relieve the tension and strain from your body and relax the stretched muscles.

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