Asanas for Pulmonary Sacroidosis

(August 30, 2011)

i m 50 years old male suffering from PULMONARY SARCOIDOSIS.can u tell me whats the role of pranayama in this.

Yoga For Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

Yoga is touted as being one of the best and most effective methods of treatment for a number of medical conditions. Pulmonary sarcoidosis is a condition that can be successfully treated to some extent with the help of yoga. However, before attempting to perform this mode of treatment, it is important for you to first get some kind of sanction from your doctor allowing you to perform the discipline.

Pranayama is a form of yoga that will help treat a number of respiratory conditions because of the fact that it is focused on promoting respiratory health and clearing the lungs as well as the respiratory passages. If it is your first time practicing yoga, it is highly recommended that you approach a trained yoga instructor in order to understand the best methods of performing the exercises. It is also important to remain calm throughout the treatment as holistic approaches may take some time to completely resolve the condition.

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How Sarcoidosis Can Be Cured With Yoga?

Before trying to cure sarcoidosis with yoga exercises it is always best to consult with your doctor to make sure that your medications and other treatment options do not get hindered. Yoga mainly involving Pranayamas is very beneficial in helping a person cope with sarcoidosis. Since sarcoidosis causes a number of breathing difficulties in patients the breathing techniques practiced in Pranayama help in easing the respiratory passages and also clearing the lungs. Apart from this Pranayamas also help in calming and relaxing the mind which itself can promote a feeling of overall well being. In the case of sarcoidosis yoga therapy must involve pranayamas such as Anuloma-viloma, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika pranayama and Bhramri pranayama.

Anulom viloma involves inhalations and exhalations from alternative nostrils and should be practiced before every meal and also at bedtime to effectively cure sarcoidosis. Kapalbhati on the other hand involves forced exhalations using the abdominal muscles and is best done before meals. To treat sarcoidosis with yoga this technique should be done at least twice a day for 30 minutes.  Bhastrika pranayama involves breathing in and out through the nose gently while Bhramri involves breathing in and out through the nose but keeping the ears closed. All these pranayamas are extremely effective in treating sarcoidosis.

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Which Yoga Asanas Are More Effective To Cure Pulmonary Sarcoidosis?

Sarcoidosis is a condition where lymph nodes in the body begin to swell up. This inflammation can happen in any part of the body. Typically, at any given time, one organ or a few neighboring organs suffer from the condition during any given outbreak. Pulmonary sarcoidosis occurs when the condition has affected the lymph nodes in the lungs. This dramatically reduces the breathing capacity of the individual. Breathlessness and extreme fatigue tend to affect patients with this type of condition.

The types of yoga for sarcoidosis depend on the type of sarcoidosis that has affected the individual. For pulmonary sarcoidosis, one can focus on breathing exercises that help to clear the lungs and improve their efficiency. This may help reduce the intensity of the condition. What is certain is that this exercise regime will help improve lung capacity, thus helping with the symptoms of breathlessness and fatigue. Pranayama yoga can be used for this purpose as it is a branch of yoga focused on breathing and its benefits. One can use basic exercises such as the kapalbhati exercises to help improve chest strength and lung power. Over a period of time, the improvements should help with the symptoms of the condition.

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What Is Sarcoidosis And How To Treat It Naturally

Sarcoidosis is a rather rare condition that is usually diagnosed as a result of exclusion rather than as a method of doctors testing for the condition. Sarcoidosis definition and characteristics of the condition will see the development of small lumps, usually in the lungs, but can develop anywhere in the body. In most cases, these lumps will usually heal themselves and disappear. However, in the instances that they do not, they are more likely to be scarred and may even become fibrotic. This will cause the development of a condition known as pulmonary fibrosis, which is considered to be rather dangerous because of the fact that it distorts the structure of the lungs and significantly interferes with breathing ability. Some of the more prominent symptoms of pulmonary sarcoidosis include fatigue, weight loss, night sweats, fever and skin rashes all over the arms, skin and shins.

Yoga is considered to be a rather effective pulmonary sarcoidosis remedy because of the fact that it helps clean out the lungs as well as respiratory system. Practicing the pranayama breathing techniques on a regular basis is known to be very beneficial. For instruction and tips on better technique to make the exercise more beneficial, get in touch with a highly trained yoga instructor. 

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Can Yoga Exercise Treat  Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

Pulmonary sarcoidosis is a rather rare condition that is the result of inflammation, most commonly in the lungs. The condition is characterized by the development of small bumps that will tend to appear and disappear on their own. However, there are instances in which some of these lumps will not heal and the inflamed tissue may then become scarred or fibriotic. The diagnosis of pulmonary sarcoidosis is usually as a case of exclusion of the condition in an attempt to get to the root cause of a number of symptoms. The most common symptoms include - a shortness of breath, weight loss, fatigue, inflammation of the eyes, a cough that does not seem to leave.

Yoga for pulmonary sarcoidosis is known to be effective because of the fact that the entire discipline is considered to be a holistic method of getting the energies within the body to work together to heal itself. The best yoga for pulmonary sarcoidosis refer to those that are concentrated on the lungs and respiratory passages. As a result, performing the pranayama regularly and with intensity is known to be one of the best pulmonary sarcoidosis yoga treatments. When choosing to use yoga exercise for pulmonary treatment, it is important to get in touch with a highly trained yoga teacher as soon as possible to identify the right methods of performing the many beneficial yoga poses or asanas.

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Asanas for Pulmonary Sacroidosis

In addition to the medical treatment and medication prescribed to you by your doctor for pulmonary sarcoidosis, practicing simple yogasanas and mainly Pranayamas on a daily basis will greatly benefit you in helping to cope with this condition much more effectively.

Firstly you will get a sanction from your doctor to practice yoga if it does not hamper your medications. If yoga has been sanctioned by your medical practitioner to be used as a form of additional therapy, then Pranayamas are your safest options and most effective form of exercise. Pranayama helps to clear your lungs and eases your respiratory passages, especially since this condition causes a host of breathing difficulties. Most importantly Pranayama helps you to become more calm and composed. It is important to maintain a level of calmness at all times especially when doing yoga as a feeling of well being and quiet can help the physical body to heal itself.

If you have recently being diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis, then get in touch with a qualified yoga instructor and begin Pranayama as early as possible. It has been noted that those who practice yoga early in their illness are able to cope with the disorder and in some cases even conquer the ailment over a period of time; provided the breathing and meditative techniques are practiced daily as instructed.

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