Slow Down and Delay the Aging Process with help of Yoga

By Patricia | February 8, 2009
Yoga To Stay Youthful

The aging process is something natural and is irreversible. No science or belief system can reverse the aging process, as to do so would go against the laws of nature. Yoga can however help slow down and delay the aging process.

The human body is composed up of some trillions of cells. Science has proven that these cells regenerate every seven years which leads to a wholly new existence. Albert Einstein has said that ninety eight percent of the energy and intelligence is renewed every year. Why, then do we age so fast? For some mysterious reason, it has been fount that our cells suddenly stop regenerating. This is when deterioration begins. For very few this happens very late; subsequently ageing is also delayed. But for most others it happens rather fast in this day and age.

Coming to the point, right thinking will go a long way in achieving and developing a positive perspective and increasing our life span. For this we will have to:

  • Eat right
  • Think young
  • Live in the present

Eat Right

Practising a "Yoga diet” means that our food should complement our thought process and help this right thinking process. It is proven that formula foods never achieve the desired results; quite the contrary, in fact. Yoga tells us, to live long and healthy, eat simply, have a Sattvic (pure and predominantly vegetarian) diet and live in harmony with nature. Foods like fresh vegetables, sprouts, and seasonal fruits are called ‘living foods’. They contain within themselves the power to regenerate cells of our body and mind. Nuts and other whole foods also fall within this class.

Think Young

Live in the company of the young and this will happen automatically. It is true that babies laugh up to about 500 times a day while adults laugh around 4 – 5 times a day. If it is true that a man is known by the company he keeps and it is also true that he thinks, acts, and feels accordingly. The body, in turn, will also turn and remain young, it has been found.

Live In The Present

The more you talk about the past than about the present or the future, the faster you grow old. If you talk of the past, you psychologically live in the past, and consequently you tend to see yourself in the past, because you are looking at your past as a considerable distance away. This automatically conditions the mind that you are old. On the other hand, if you look at the present or the future, your mind is convinced that you have a long life to live and, in turn, this convinces your body that it has a long life ahead.

True, all other Yoga practices do matter but the above 3 are very important in living long, healthy and in retarding and reversing the aging process.

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