Yogic Breathing Facilitate And Energize Greater Alertness To Mind And Body

By Patricia | February 6, 2009
Yogic Breathing Benefits

How Can Yoga Help My Breathing

Breathing is our first act on coming into this world and the last, when we exit. On an average a person inhales and exhales more than 20,000 times a day. However, most folks tend to take rapid and shallow chest breaths. They don’t get enough oxygen, necessary to maintain the requisite energy and pH levels. Nor do they exhale in such a way that carbon dioxide and toxins are expelled from their longs and purged from their system. The human body eliminates over 50% of waste through the breath. If we don’t breathe properly we retain toxins inside. Little wonder then, that conscious, careful breathing is the basis of all life.

A lot of stress-related disorders – in fact, the majority of them – are traced to shallow breathing. People who’ve been practising yoga for some time will be familiar with pranayama (breathing exercises). This is a vital part of breath control with relation to life force or bio-energy. It identifies breath as one’s own Self entity, not divided from or different from our bodies and minds.

Why Yogic Breathing

Yogic breathing is the best way to breathe that is from the region of the abdomen, or diaphragmatic breathing, as it is called. When you integrate your breathing with yoga, it guides the body’s natural rhythm in particularly during the practice of asanas (poses). The overall benefits of yogic breathing to a great extent result from the complete movement of one’s diaphragm. This is a dome-shaped muscle that separates the digestive organs and the lungs. When the diaphragm is relaxed, its dome-shape raises up into the chest cavity. This pressure helps in the expulsion of air from our lungs to the extent that most of the stale air and carbon dioxide are gotten rid of. Contrarily, when the muscle contracts, it compresses downwards and presses into our digestive organs. This expands the chest cavity and helps us inhale more of that precious, life saving oxygen.

Yogic breathing bestows tremendous benefits upon the practitioner, including the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of his/her life. But the palpable benefits of the full Yogic breathing are as follows:

  1. Let’s go of chronic and acute muscular tensions around the region of the lungs, heart and digestive system.
  2. By strengthening the respiratory system it helps everyone, particularly victims of respiratory problems like emphysema, sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma surmount the fear of breathing. In fact, it actually intensifies lung capacity.
  3. Encourages suitable stimulus to the cardio-vascular and nervous system
  4. Drastically reduces nervousness and emotional anxiety
  5. By increased exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, it improves detoxification
  6. Through better distribution of energy to the endocrine glands, it strengthens the auto immune system
  7. By calming the mind it integrates the physical / mental balance. This way it reduces stress and speeds healing at both the physical and emotional levels.
  8. By getting control of one’s breath, one attains a great sense of expansion, connection, and personal transformation.
  9. Facilitates and energizes greater alertness to both the mind and body.
  10. Contributes to both relaxation and vitality through one single practice. So keep at it.
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