Yoga And Pilates Exercises At Home

By Patricia | September 10, 2008
Benefits Of Yoga And Pilates

Yoga And Pilates Exercise

Yoga and Pilates both can be done at home. Yoga is a combination of poses and postures which aims at providing your body with proper balance of energy and strength. Yoga is a very peaceful form of exercise, once learned in proper detail, it can be practiced anywhere by you without the help of any instructor. Similarly, Pilates too aims at bringing a good balance between body and mind.

Yoga and Pilates need to be practiced strictly according to the method of teaching. Without the rules of practice you will not end up getting the desired results. Some people like both Yoga for its spiritualism and effective rejuvenation methods and Pilates for its very strict form of exercise. Therefore, there are many who use both these forms of exercise to bring about a change in their physical and mental being.

Doing Yoga At Home:

Yoga does not require many props or equipment to start out. This humble form of exercise was started by those who did not believe in material possessions. All you require is a Yoga mat. You can start out with those poses which you are confident about. You should know that you must not try complicated poses at home alone, especially if you have not been taught these or never have tried them before. You can end up getting injured or you could damage your body muscles.

When doing Yoga you should ensure that you are not rushing things up. You can start playing soothing, quiet and peaceful music. At the same time ensure you have a clock in front of you so you are aware how much time you remain in a single pose. Hurrying up through poses will not yield desired results, you will simply end up getting exhausted.

If you want all yoga benefits to come to you, you should try and give breathing exercises as much importance as you give the poses or asanas. Breathing exercises have the capacity to recharge and rejuvenate your body, making you feel fresh and active.

Doing Pilates At Home:

Pilates does use some props, therefore, you need buying the perfect ones. Pilates too needs to be done with some strict rules. You should be confident about your ability of doing all exercises perfectly. Difficult exercises need to be approached with extreme care and perfection.

Yoga can benefit your mind and body, same goes for Pilates, so regularity with both forms of exercises is a must.

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