Effective Yoga Breathing Exercises For Complete Relaxation

By Patricia | September 10, 2008
Relax With Yoga Breathing Poses

Here is some more information about taking a complete breath in yoga. Breathing is important to our existence. We can become uncomfortable if we do not breathe for even the smallest period of time. It is no wonder therefore, our health benefits greatly if we learn to do complete breathing the Yoga way.

According to the yoga there are four main types of breathing that we humans perform. These are:

  1. High Breathing: This is most undesired style of breathing, and often the only way many of us breathe. This is a shallow type of breathing. This breathing uses only the upper or the higher portion of the lungs. Upper portion of lungs has very less capacity of holding air, therefore most of the times proper oxygen does not reach all the body. This leads to exhaustion and irritation faster.
  2. Middle Level breathing: This too is another shallow form of breathing. Here only the middle parts of lungs are used. At times a person also may make use of the diaphragm and stomach for breathing. However, this is rare. This type of breathing too, does not provide enough oxygen to the body leading to oxygen deficit and exhaustion.
  3. Low level breathing: This breathing is not the best type of breathing, but it certainly happens to be better than the high level breathing and the middle level breathing. This breathing involves the movement of the diaphragm, making it move up and down in. This type of breathing tends to provide more oxygen to the body. Low level breathing is what we do while sleeping.
  4. Complete Breathing: According to Yoga all the above types are breathing are inadequate and not quite healthy. You should use all three types of breathing at the same time, if you want complete breath which can fulfill all requirements of your body. Complete breathing is when you do not just breathe in fact it is when you fill yourself completely with air slowly and release the air completely.

It is important to learn the correct technique of breathing if you want your Yoga exercises to be effective. Effective, complete breathing has the ability of relieving tension, stress, headaches, relaxing and refreshing you. When you join a Yoga class, you will find quite some importance is given to breathing. You will also be taught different breathing techniques called the ‘Pranayama’.

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