Yoga Increase Concentration, Focus And Body Balance–Essential For Gymnastic

By Patricia | December 8, 2008
Yoga Increases Concentration & Focus

Well, before we answer this question, let’s look at both the activities and the fitness benefits.

Gymnastics: This sport needs immense amount of strength, muscle coordination, flexibility and agility. Women’s gymnastics involves vault, floor exercises, balancing on beams and uneven parallel bars. Gymnastics also includes trampolining, acrobatic and aerobic exercises and rhythmic gymnastics. Men gymnasts generally work on pommels horse, still rings, vaults, parallel bars, high bars and trampolining. Those who want to do gymnastics need to have a high level of fitness and stamina. Gymnastics is an intensive sport that demands physical agility and strength as well as immense focus and perseverance.

Yoga: Yoga on the other hand, is a slow form of exercise that is about proper body balance, breathing techniques and stretching. Yoga is also about spirituality and tuning in with yourself. Sports people can include yoga in their fitness and exercise program. Some like to do yoga before they begin working out to stretch their muscles, increase their muscle tone and energize themselves before they begin their other gymnastic or weigh-training exercises. Other sportsmen like to do yoga after they’ve completed their workout, so as to relax their muscles and calm their mind. Some sports people do yoga independently without clubbing workouts with yoga asanas.

Practicing Yoga Along With Gymnastics: Yoga can enhance and enrich your gymnastic experience in several ways. You could include yoga in your fitness regimen as a form of exercise and meditation that will help you unwind and also complement your exercise regimen. While gymnastics is physically more demanding, the subtle and slow movements of yoga can balance the rigors of the sport.

Also, if you are into gymnastics and are thinking of doing yoga for added fitness, balance and strength, then it’s a good idea to do each of these on different days. As we’ve mentioned earlier, since gymnastics is an extremely demanding sport, clubbing yoga in the same exercise session will leave you exhausted. So, if you intend to enjoy both forms of exercise, do them on different days – that way you’ll get maximum fitness benefits.

Benefits Of Doing Yoga With Gymnastics: Yoga can complement gymnastics in several ways -

  • Yoga can relax and stretch your muscles.
  • Provide relief from the soreness that you can experience in your muscles after practicing gymnastics.
  • It will make you supple and flexible, and loosen up your joints, which will help you in gymnastics.
  • Yoga increases concentration, focus and body balance – essentials for gymnastics.
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