Weight Training And Yoga

By Patricia | December 8, 2008
Combine Weight Training With Yoga

No matter what physical activity you are interested in or wish to indulge in yoga is always beneficial. What is questionable is whether other activities leave you enough time and spirit to dedicate yourself to yoga. Certain body building activities promote the development of immense muscles but this reduces flexibility or agility, which is necessary for most yoga activities. If you can practice yoga however there will be nothing like it and you will certainly find it beneficial. Combining your weight training activity with yoga can result in a good physique, combined with flexibility levels that would be impossible to achieve in a weight room. Moreover practicing yoga will enhance your confidence and style.

While a basic Iyengar style yoga would be ideal as it is good for beginners, because of the use of props and the focus on breathing and alignment, I would advice you to research the various disciplines of yoga. There are various schools of yoga, both traditional and contemporary, and they all have a lot to offer. There is no discipline that is better or worse than any other and it depends entirely on personal preferences. If you familiarize yourself with the different disciplines you will be able to figure out which form is best suited to you, depending on what you desire out of it.

Once you have chosen a yoga style for yourself, you will need to strike a balance between weight training time and yoga time. Time management is essential and do not neglect either activity. Yoga is dominated by poses or asanas in combination with breathing techniques or pranayama. While yoga will enhance and improve your physique it will not give you the bulky muscles. That can be got through weight training. Poses like the Crow pose will help strengthen your upper body. Many of the yoga poses and sequences are what some would describe as stretching exercises. These exercises will help relax and improve the flexibility of your body. Doing these stretches at the end of your weight training regimen will be a very good idea. You can also throw in a few of these yoga moves in between your weight training routine.

Yoga gets you in tune with your body, mind and spirit and this can help tremendously with your weight training as well as you can better understand and control your physical body. In addition, yoga is beneficial for your overall health and will also help you relax and be completely free of any stress.

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