Standing Yoga Poses For Overall Health

By Patricia | April 24, 2009
Mountain Pose Overview

Benefits of standing yoga postures (poses)

Yoga is an excellent alternative therapy of the body and mind. This ancient discipline dates back to India around 5000 years ago. Yoga is known to aid a number of healing processes. The word ‘yoga’ is commonly translated as ‘union’ from Sanskrit, referring to the union of the body and mind. Yoga is renowned for its physical benefits as well as spiritual growth. Yogis believe that a healthy mind is necessary for a healthy body.

Yoga can be performed in a number of ways, while being seated, while lying down and while standing up. There are several standing yoga poses that target different body systems and organs. They can be used to invigorate your entire body.

The simplest standing pose is the Mountain Pose ‘Tadasana’. To perform this pose, you need to stand up straight, relax your entire body and close your eyes. Breathe in and exhale with full concentration and try to keep your mind clear of all thoughts. Hold this pose for at least two minutes. This pose makes you very aware of your body and conscious of all your body parts. Practising this pose regularly is known to aid meditation and improve balance.

The next pose is the triangle pose or the ‘Trikonasana’. For this pose, bend down and touch your hands to the ground. Then while keeping one hand on the floor, raise one arm above your head and keep it straight. Keep your lower back straight while you are doing so. This pose will work out your back muscles and keep them flexible.

Another pose is the warrior pose or the ‘Virabhadrasana’. In this pose, spread your legs, rotate your torso to one side, bend one knee and then clasp your hands above your head. This is a powerful standing pose that is known to improve the strength of your legs.

A very good standing pose is the standing forward bend or the ‘Uttanasana’. This pose requires you to bend down while keeping your knees straight. Hold your ankles or if possible place them on the floor beside your feet so that they are touching the sides of your soles. This pose helps relieve any stress and tiredness from the body, especially the chest and neck area.

Lastly, side stretches require you to bend your body around your hips while holding your arms out. This is an excellent exercise to increase the strength in your arms as well as improve flexibility.

Thus, different standing poses tend to help heal and rejuvenate different body parts. Standing poses can also be used in warming up exercises before moving on to more difficult yoga positions.

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