Nude Yoga Poses

By Patricia | April 17, 2009
Nude Yoga Poses

What are the benefits of doing nude yoga versus normal yoga?

Yoga is a practice which is more than 5,000 years old. It is a combination of exercises, called poses (asanas) and breathing techniques, with an aim to bring about complete union of the spirit, mind and body. Along with strength and flexibility, it also brings about inner peace and many health benefits. Yoga is a philosophy of life, and hence is considered a serious discipline. Practitioners are required to have a deep understanding and knowledge of the many principles of yoga.

There are many styles, forms and poses in yoga, each with its own particular benefits and features. But one form of yoga that has received the most criticism and been stuck in most controversies is nude yoga.

Nude yoga is simply yoga without the clothes and is performed by people who are not wearing clothes. Otherwise, the poses, breathing techniques, and everything else are the same.

According to those who practice nude yoga, there are certain benefits, chief of which seems to be that it is more convenient since it prevents the restrictions imposed by clothes. Such practitioners argue that without the covering of clothes, there is more freedom, and it is easier to achieve the correct alignments required for yoga poses, and for the instructor to correct mistakes. They also believe that it promotes a feeling of openness, and develops self-esteem among participants, by eliminating any worries that they may have about physical imperfections.

But very few people opt for this form of yoga, because they believe that it would make them too conscious of their own bodies, so much so, that they would not be able to concentrate on their poses and breathing, and thus not be able to derive any benefit for the practice.

Most traditional yoga practitioners also believe that there is no extra benefit to be achieved by shedding ones clothes, since the clothes worn during yoga practice are essentially loose and comfortable. They also argue that it is only a fad promoted by people to popularize it among certain sections of society.

Proponents of nude yoga, however emphasize that nude yoga does not encourage any sexuality. They also affirm that certain etiquette must be followed by those who wish to sign up for such classes. Since participants are expected to remain in the buff, they should not hesitate when they are instructed to remove their clothes. They are not supposed to stare at the others in the class, since it's impolite. They are also encouraged to ask questions about any difficulty with a particular pose, and not let their nudity embarrass them. They should also bring their own yoga mat and towel.

According to many serious practitioners, one aspect that needs to be emphasized, is that the practice of yoga should be an uplifting one, and yoga should not become a sexual experience.

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