Kapalbhati Pranayam Before Jala Neti

By Patricia | April 30, 2009
Kapalbhati Pranayam Before Jala Neti

Why most people do kapalbhati before jalneti

In Sanskrit, Kapal means ‘skull’ or ‘brain’ and Bhati means ‘to shine’.  Kapalbhati is one of the purification exercises.  It purifies the channels of the nose and other passages of the respiratory system.

In Kapalbhati, the emphasis is solely on exhalation. You sit either in thelotus position or cross legged with the hands on your knees. The air filling the thoracic cage is expelled without any pause in continuous and rapid jerks. In Kapalbhati, only the diaphragm and the abdominal muscles move along with the rapid exhalation. You make short and forceful expulsions of breath through both the nostrils producing a hissing sound. As you expel the air, the abdominal muscles contract. You need not try to inhale as air automatically fills the lungs while exhaling.

Various benefits are attributed to this particular pranayam and it is recommended that it should be practiced regularly for 10 to 15 minutes.

Kapalbhati cures diseases related to the lungs, heart and brain. It is beneficial for asthma, obesity, diabetes, constipation, allergy, sinuses, acidity, kidney and prostrate gland problems.

Kapabhati is one of the breathing techniques or pranayams which need to be practiced daily along with other breathing techniques. A sequence of these techniques need to be followed simultaneously.  It should be practiced for at least 10 minutes and requires proper dedication. Pranayam is normally practiced after the yoga asanas or yoga postures. It therefore has to be done before ‘Jalneti’ which is known as one of the ‘shudhhakriyas’ or internal purification techniques. However, it is always recommended that Kapalbhati is done a few times after ‘Jalneti’ to completely clear the nasal passage.

Jalneti is a cleansing of the nasal path with warm saline water. You practice jalneti by using a Neti-pot which has a spout.  You put about half a liter of warm water and a little salt in the pot.  Tilt your neck and hold the tip of the spout to the right nostril. Open your mouth and continuously breathe through your mouth.  Slowly pour some water from the pot in the right nostril which will eventually come out from the other nostril. Find the position of the neck which is comfortable enough for the water poured from one nostril to come out of the other nostril.  Repeat the process with the other nostril too.

The quantity of water coming out of both the nostrils will not be the same as it depends upon how much blockage there is in the nasal passage. For each nostril, use half a liter of warm water. Do it slowly and try to use the entire water at one go. Initially you can practice jalneti every day for effective results.  Later you may do so once or twice in a month or as and when you feel that you need to cleanse your nasal passage.

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