Benefits of Bikram Yoga Or Hot Yoga

By Patricia | December 11, 2008
Bikram Yoga To Enhance Mental Awareness

Bikram yoga which is also popularly referred to as hot yoga is acquiring popularity as it claims to be the new method of taking out toxins from the body. To under stand Bikram yoga in layman's terms, it should be perceived as yoga being practiced in a steam bath! Bikram is believed to be so effective that there are claims of it being a natural health treatment for certain diseases of the liver such as hepatitis C. Bikram yoga offers the perfect path for eliminating the toxins from the body. When hot yoga is practiced like in Bikram or hot yoga, the yoga poses are practiced in a setting that has been steam-heated to a degree of hotness of more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Once inside the hot room, you will undergo a series of defined yoga poses or exercises in an energetic manner that is similar to aerobic activity. The heat produced by the body while performing the yoga exercises in Bikram Yoga blends with heat generated by the room. This combined heat causes the yoga student to break out in sweat.

Bikram yoga is a powerful program that brings about healing to most diseases. It is helpful in exercising all the muscular tissues in the body, causing them to become solid, lithesome, and agile. Apart from Bikram yoga helping in cardiovascular conditions, hot yoga is extremely instrumental in easing conditions in people who suffer from various arthritic conditions, stress related disorders, and a variety of numerous bodily difficulties. Every yoga pose in Bikram yoga must be complemented with correct deep breathing methods to aid the yoga student in accomplishing the level best limit of the yoga posture. Other than the standard Bikram yoga poses or postures, deep breathing techniques are critical in bringing about an elimination of toxins from the body and cleansing.

When blood systemic circulation and metabolism has been boosted with the help of deep breathing techniques and hot yoga poses, Bikram yoga can actually quicken the body’s response to detoxification. In addition, meditation also plays a very important role in Bikram yoga.

Some Important Benefits Of Bikram Yoga Include

  • Stimulating every muscle, secretory organ, nerve fibers, sinew, connective tissue and muscular tissue in the body for positive effects
  • Expanding the body's ability to take in deep breaths
  • Preventing injury and improving chronic illness
  • Promoting deeper and better sleep
  • Effective body toning
  • Improved loss in weight or gain dependent on the body's requirements
  • Enhancement in body balance and mental awareness
  • Improving the healing and regenerative abilities of the body
  • Improving the body's T-cell functionalities and the defense system
  • Improving the body's lymphatic system
  • Strengthening of bodily muscles
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