Yoga & Deep Breathing For Release Endorphins Into The Body

By Patricia | December 10, 2008
The Calming Effects Of Deep Breathing

How To Improve Breath Using Yoga For Better Freestyle

Yoga and deep breathing are part of the same exercise; they go hand-in-hand and together bring about desired results for the well being of the body. Deep breathing is known to being about a host of benefits as compared to normal shallow breathing in everyday life. By paying close attention to breathing especially when performing yoga helps to activate the lymphatic system which is was the one most critical system in our body. Shallow breathing when practicing yoga induces constriction of the chest and the lung tissue and over a period of time reduces the flow of oxygen to the deep tissues in the body. Deep, rhythmic breathing on the other hand improves the diaphragm muscle by further expanding it, and the lung’s air pockets, bringing about a relaxation response, while helping to massage the lymphatic system.

Deep breathing also helps to release the endorphins into the body. The endorphins are the body's natural painkillers and are extremely useful in relieving overall physical pains and aches. In addition it also helps in easing problems regarding sleeplessness. Breathing deeply helps in relaxing the muscles, which is a leading cause of aches and pains related to the neck, back and stomach. Medical studies reveal that deep breathing strengthens weak abdominal and intestinal muscles while easing breathing troubles in asthma patients.

Another important feature that deep breathing offers is the trigger that it evokes in the parasympathetic nervous system bringing about the relaxation response. Recent neuro psychological studies have shown how yogic breathing is likely to affect stress response system in individuals while calming the mind and body. Trained deep breathing is also known to comfort and soothe trauma symptoms.

In order to deep breathe pull in the air into the lungs while expanding the stomach instead of the chest. Sit or lay still someplace that is quiet and be in a comfortable position. In order to feel the difference between normal breathing and deep breathing place one palm on the stomach and the other palm on the chest. You will be able to feel the difference in breathing. It is important to breathe long and slow. This form of deep breathing gives the body the ability to draw in larger amount or degree of the inhaled oxygen. It is important to make deep breathing a daily habit to reap full benefits for long term. By helping you deal with stress, deep breathing will help you to cope through in all walks of life.

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