Walking Exercises for Weight Loss and Fitness

By Patricia | November 23, 2010
Walking Weight Loss Exercise

If you take up walking exercise, weight loss is what you expect. You also expect to live longer, and illness and disease free. Interestingly enough, you are right. A walking exercise program will help you succeed in achieving all three. One of the best ways to control your weight, tone the muscles of your legs, strengthen your bones, and have a positive self-concept, is to walk.

So how many calories do you actually lose by walking? A man who weighs approximately 150 pounds will burn approximately 100 calories per mile, while a 200-pond man and a 250-pound man will burn around 133 calories and 166 calories respectively. You will be surprised to know that the number of calories that you burn per mile while walking or running are the same; running just gets you there faster than walking.

With walking exercise, weight loss expectations are fine, but you need to eat healthy as well.  To lose weight by walking you need to burn more calories than you eat. A packet of potato chips or an extra candy bar may wipe out any of the benefits of walking and healthy weight loss. Try maintaining a diary of what you eat daily and then take the totals—this way you can estimate what your calorie intake is and accordingly cut out on some food items which add the calories.

Walking Health And Fitness Weight Loss

To improve your fitness and health you require 30 minutes of moderately intense activity such as walking. You could either do shorter bouts of 10 to 15 minutes three to four times a day or one longer bout of 30 to 40 minutes.  If it is a while since you have exercised and you are out of shape, it is better you start at a slightly slower pace. However, once you get into shape you can increase you pace. If you are not comfortable walking outdoors, try a treadmill instead; the benefits are the same.

Here are some ways you can add walking into your day and make sure you workout for the recommended 30 minutes.

  1. Park your car a little away from the mall or store and walk to get there.
  2. Get off the bus one stop before your destination and walk.
  3. Walk to the restaurant during your lunch hour instead of having them deliver it across to you.
  4. Don’t take out your car for short errands, walk instead.
  5. Keep a pair of walking shoes handy in your office and take a quick ten-minute walk to help you reduce stress.
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