How To Run Faster In Soccer

By Patricia | December 1, 2010
Run Fast While Playing

Soccer is a sport that involves plenty of running, which sometimes needs to be done in short bursts and sometimes for a longer period. Therefore, it will be beneficial for players to build their speed and stamina. Knowing how to run faster in soccer can be a deciding factor as to the outcome of the game. Many times a player in the forward position will have to outrun a defender of the opposing team to shoot a goal. In addition to skill, knowing how to run faster in soccer will help the player beat the defender and shoot more goals. Being able to run faster will not happen overnight, so you will have to dedicate yourself to the exercises on how to run faster in soccer to be successful.

How To Run Faster In Volleyball

Before you begin a program on how to run faster in soccer, you should pick up a good pair of running shoes and a stopwatch. You should also have access to a track and some weightlifting equipment. Performing some leg workouts in a gym with some weights will help increase the strength of your legs. Your workouts could include barbell squats to exercise your quadriceps muscles, calf raises to strengthen your lower legs, and legs curls to exercise your hamstrings. You could perform sets of three or more with 10 to 12 repetitions, using medium weights for your workouts. Another effective method on how to run faster in soccer is performing plyometric exercises. These exercises involve jumping that will help improve your quickness and agility. To perform one of the plyometric exercises you should let your knees bend and jump as far as possible. Your knees should be bent when you land. You could repeat this exercise around ten times. These exercises can also be used for training on how to run faster in volleyball.

In Sports

Knowing how to run faster in sports also involves pacing yourself properly in a game. Do not run at your full speed unnecessarily during the game when there are other players who have a better opportunity to get to the ball first. Instead save your full speed runs to become the first player to be open or on one-on-one battles to get to the ball. To be able to sprint faster in soccer it is also essential that you start eating a healthy diet. This will provide you with the energy to run faster. Knowing how to run faster in soccer along with the necessary skills will make you a more complete player.

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