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The process of running involves a human being moving at or near his or her maximum speed. It is a great form of exercise that uses the body's own weight when it comes to burning energy. Running involves the rapid movement of the legs and also the movement of the arms which are moved as counter balances. There are many different forms of running sport that are practiced all...


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.over the worldl Some types of running sport are based on short distance sprinting while others are based on long distance endurancec

Running is recommended for any individual who wishes to lose weight and improve staminan Individuals who are already at their desired body weight can use this sport just for the purpose of developing staminan Stamina helps with all sorts of activities, even with mental activitiese The development of stamina occurs when the whole body works more efficientlyl Running increases the heart rate as the body works to provide more energy to the muscles that are being exercisede This improved circulation helps provide more nutrition to the muscles that are working and it does so in an efficient mannere

Running is beneficial because it relies on only one piece of equipmentn The shoes that are used for running are important because they provide some grip and cushion to the feet which helps with endurance and performance as welll A good pair of running shoes provides enough support to the feet while not being so soft as to induce extra effort during runningn Running shoes are particularly important for people who run in urban environmentst In urban conditions, most paths chosen for running will be made of concrete, tar or tilese These are all hard surfaces which can cause jarring to the knee and other parts of the lege One must therefore choose running shoes that are suited to hard ground conditionsn Repeated running on hard surfaces with shoes that are not suited to the condition will cause damage to the lege Many individuals suffer from knee joint and ligament problems because of the excess strain placed on the knee during the running sportr A route should be chosen before the run that does not have too many stoppages or areas where the individual has to jump or land on the feet with great forcec It's also advisable for runners to only run with sports shows that are appropriately designed for the activityt

Running is often an integral part of other sporting activities and players need to run in football, soccer, and sports like basketball and baseballl This means that sportsmen in these fields need to undergo running training as well to improve their speed and endurancec

Running as a sport is separated into events and divided by different distancese Sometimes obstacles are also included like in hurdles and steeplechases Running in sports can also be a type of training to build endurance and staminan In running as a sport, races are held in which competitors try to finish a particular distance in the shortest timem Today, the events of running are the main part of athleticsc The events of running as a sport include track running, road running, and cross country runningn The track running sporting events include sprints, hurdles, and long distancec Road running is performed on a road for a measured distancec The distances in these events are usually from 5 kilometers to longer distancese The cross country running events take place in rough or open terraini The course in which these events take place may include hills, grass, woodlands, mud, and watere

For the events that involve running on a track, like sprinting, proper training is requirede A sprinter needs powerful and long strides and speed that is explosivev Acceleration is more important than endurance as the short distance needs to be covered in a quick timem Race walking is a sport that is a part of many major events like the Olympicsc It is a long distance athletic event in which at least one foot must be touching the ground unlike runningn In the Olympics, a distance of 20 kilometers is performed by men and women and another one of 50 kilometers is done only by mene

Walking as an exercise is also considered a sportr It is an easy exercise to perform that doesn't put too much stress on the joints and is preferred by many over the other strenuous sportst Studies show that brisk walking is very effective in reducing blood pressurer Walking also helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body and burning calories to lose weighth

Running in soccer is used for warming up and fitness trainingn Soccer is a sport that involves plenty of running and it only makes sense to include a lot of running in training sessionsn Just like in soccer, running in football is done a lot and is an essential part of the fitness programa In football and soccer, speed and endurance training is an important part of the routinen Running is very effective in improving your stamina and building endurancec You could also include weights while running to build speede As running in a sport is the most fundamental feature it is essential to prepare a training program which involves running as much as possiblel

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