Yoga Exercises To Look Fresh And Improve Complexion

By Patricia | November 14, 2008
Yoga Exercises To Look Fresh And Improve Complexion

When the mind and heart are tired and dull, it shows on the face. The body is just a manifestation of our thoughts and feelings and our eyes are windows to our soul. Not to worry, since you’ve decided to take refuge in Yoga rest assured, your skin will once again have a healthy glow. This practice of Yoga helps balance the body, mind and heart and all internal organs as well. This includes your hormones. The result is the enhanced flow of nutrition-rich blood to the body, the skin, in particular. Further, Yogic Kriyas cleanse the system completely, thus detoxifying the whole body. Naturally, you will have a resilient skin, a glowing complexion and no problems with, dullness, dryness tiredness or sagging.

Yogic Exercises For Face

1. The Face Massage

  • Eyes shut, sit or squat on your Yoga mat then briskly rub both palms together until they feel warm. Keep the fingertips on the eyebrows, the pinkies touching each other. Next gently bear down on your brows, moving left fingers to the left and right fingers to your right, till you reach the temples.
  • Repeat this exercise a few times. Every time you repeat go a couple centimeters away from your brow till you’ve touched your hairline. Tell yourself, while doing this, that you’re ironing away your wrinkles and worry lines.
  • Next, with the fingertips on the nose and sweep outwards along the cheekbones. It should feel like you are clearing tears from your cheeks. Do this a couple times and see how it feels.
  • Now, move the fingertips to the region of the temples turn them round and round there in little circles. Keep massaging your temples this way for a while.
  • Next, tilt your head back; throw your mouth open then shut it immediately. This is a great way of getting rid of that unwelcome double chin. Do this quickly, 10 – 1`5 times.
  • Next, with your fingertips, gently start rubbing your throat up toward chin and cheeks.

Now do the whole exercise again then daily add one more round till you’ve reached 5 – 6 rounds and maintain the practices daily

2. Yogasanas

In Yogasanas, together with the usual routine, do extra rounds of Simhasana (the Lion Pose). While you are supposed to inhale deeply and silently you exhale vigorously and audibly. You should practice this as much as possible, as it is known to produce excellent results on the face, throat and vocal cords.

3. Diet

Your diet also plays a vital role in deciding your complexion. Please have, as far as possible a Sattvic (pure and simple) Yoga diet. This should be predominantly vegetarian and consist of lots of juicy fruits and salads

4. Yogic Kriyas

One major reason for dull and tired complexion is toxins in the body. These Yogic Kriyas (cleansing acts) are designed to do just that – cleanse the system thoroughly of all toxins. We suggest you do Vaman Dhouti (Stomach Cleansing by drinking and throwing up water) and Shanka Prakshalana (Yogic Enema).

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