Tips To Prevent Chafing Caused By Running

By Patricia | August 13, 2010
Running And Chaffing

Chafing is a burning sensation or a painful stinging sensation which one may experience on account of a repeated motion. The area that has been chafed is commonly observed as being raw and red. Chafing is caused when the skin is rubbed repeatedly against other skin or even loose fabric. In case of women chafing usually occurs around the bra line whereas in men chafing is experienced in the nipple area, under the arms and the inner thighs. In women chafing can also be caused on account of a poorly fitting bra. Hence it has been observed that running and chafing are always supplementary and necessary preventive care needs to be taken. Running and chaffing go together and this is because moisture form rain or sweat tends to make the chafing worse. Preventive care for chafing while running especially while going on long runs is to apply a thin layer of vaseline on the areas that are vulnerable or prone to chafing. The best way to prevent chafing while running is to wear running attire that is made out of synthetic materials that will absorb any moisture that may be formed. The problem of running and chaffing increases while wearing cotton clothing. Cotton clothing is not advisable for runners as cotton tends to absorb moisture and stays wet which may further aggravate the problem of chafing. Moreover cotton is a rough material that will be constantly rubbing against one’s skin when running and can almost rub the skin raw. Women are advised to wear synthetic sports bras with smooth seams so as to minimize or completely avoid chafing. One of the keys to prevent chafing while running is to drink plenty of fluids and to thereby keep one hydrated. Chafing while running can also be caused by loose running clothes and hence it is always best to wear running clothes that are snug. One needs to also stay as dry as possible while running to prevent chafing by using cornstarch, potato starch or talcum powder is absolutely necessary. Drinking plenty of water during the day will help one stay hydrated both before and after exercising and will thereby allow one to perspire freely  so that the remnants of the sweat do not turn into salt crystals once dry and worsen the problem of chafing. Once an individual has been chafed while running or exercising they should treat the affected area like an open wound and wash and clean it with an antiseptic to prevent and further infection from occurring. Thereafter one should cover it with sterile gauze pad that will allow the chafed area to breathe.

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