Effective Yoga Posture Put Limited Pressure On Wrist

By Patricia | December 3, 2008
Yoga Poses For Weakened Wrists

Yoga is an exercise of the body and mind that has been practiced for centuries. This discipline has originated in India as long ago as around 2,000 BC. The word ‘yoga’ actually means ‘union’. It refers to the fact that yogic techniques seek to unite the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is not only an excellent form of exercise, but is also one of the best methods of attaining personal spiritual growth.

Yoga techniques include physical exercises (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama), and meditation techniques. Many of these postures involve the use of wrists and when the posture is not practiced properly it may cause discomfort in your wrists. When you practice yoga, you should take care to understand which postures of yoga cause strain on your wrists and you should correct your posture or stop them. If your wrists hurt, you could try the wrist bending yoga exercise where you rotate your wrists in a circular motion. This simple exercise eases the nerve clots in your wrist and improves the range of motion of your wrists through stretching and bending. It also helps avoid other problems such as rheumatism or osteoarthritis of the wrist.

To avoid wrist pain, you could try some of the simpler yoga postures where there is not much pressure on your wrists. ‘Ardha Matsyendrasana’ is a simple spinal twist that involves you sitting down with your legs stretched out and looking over your shoulder. This releases muscle tension while improving flexibility. To perform ‘Trikonasana’ or the triangle pose, you need to spread your feet apart a little, and without twisting your body, hold your ankle with your hand. This posture regulates your breathing and blood pressure. ‘Bhujangasana’ or the cobra pose where you lie on your abdomen and curl your upper body improves your strength. These poses are effective, yet put limited pressure on your wrists. More complicated yoga poses such as a headstand or shoulder balances could hurt your wrists if you are not used to it. Make sure you perform yoga exercises according to your comfort level. You should always learn yoga moves from a licensed practitioner to avoid being hurt before practicing on your own.

You should also focus on breathing exercises as deep regulated breathing helps calm you down and achieve emotional balance. In this respect, ‘Anuloma-Viloma’ or alternate nostril breathing, is an extremely effective form of breathing exercise, where you breathe in through one nostril and exhale through the other. It is significant in stimulating your energy levels, thereby reducing pain levels.

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