Yoga: A Complementary Therapy To Heal Leukemia

By Patricia | November 28, 2008
Yoga For Leukemia Patients

What Is Leukemia

Yoga can help people with leukemia. Let’s understand what leukemia actually is and the role of complementary therapies to heal this type of cancer.

Leukemia is a type of cancer, in which, a large number of white blood cells are produced by the body.


  • Acute lymphocytic leukemia
  • Acute myelocytic leukemia
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Chronic myelocytic leukemia

Leukemia is usually accompanied by the following symptoms: fatigue, abdominal pain, pain in the bones, regular infections, bleeding, bruising easily and shortness of breath, weight loss, paleness and fever.

Complementary Therapies To Heal Cancer

Just like there are several types of cancer, there are a number of treatments that are used to battle the disease. A combination of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is used to treat cancer. Complementary therapies can be done concurrently to relieve pain and cope with the disease as well as the treatment.

Yoga as a complementary therapy

Yoga is a complementary therapy that can relieve pain and help a leukemia patient to cope with the disease and the treatment.

  • Yoga is a powerful aid to healing and can help strengthen the immune system.
  • Yoga therapy gentle yoga, restorative yoga, yoga for healing, can be practiced for healing and pain relief.
  • In yoga, the body is addressed by practicing physical postures or asanas. These stimulate and balance all the systems of the body: nervous, musculoskeletal system, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, and digestive.
  • Yoga is a tool that can bring out the body’s capacity to heal itself. While, yoga cannot treat cancer, it can be used to strengthen the body and help it heal itself.
  • Yoga can relieve the tension that patients feel during cancer treatments and can bring a sense of well-being and calm.
  • Practicing yoga can help patients deal with the emotional, psychological and physical toll of the disease and the treatments.
  • Yoga postures can enhance one’s mood and may restore the physical function.
  • Pranayama or breath work can calm the mind, relax the body and can help patients connect with oneself. It drains out tension and anxiety from the body. Leukemia patients or for that matter people suffering from any type of cancer can do pranayama at anytime and anywhere – in hospitals, treatment rooms, waiting rooms. Also, anyone in any stage of illness can practice pranayama.
  • Coping with cancer and the treatment can be tiring and can leave one exhausted and distraught. People can get energized by doing pranayama and simple yoga postures. Pranayama helps to bring in more oxygen into the body.
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