What Is Cardio On A Stair Master And Cardio On The Tread Mill

By Patricia | November 20, 2008
Treadmill To Burn Excess Fat

A treadmill is one of the most common pieces of cardio equipment found in gyms. Treadmills essentially consist of a rubber mat that moves on mechanized rollers. You can perform activities such as walking, jogging, and running on a treadmill. Modern variants of the treadmill come with variable speed and incline adjustments and customizable programs for effective weight loss. Many models also come with heart rate, and pulse sensors that give you a real time overview of the efficacy of the exercise on your body.

Stair masters were developed in the mid 1980’s and have become increasingly popular since. A Stair master, as the name suggests, emulates the action of walking up a flight of stairs. There are two basic variants to the design. One of these has a mechanically revolving staircase (similar to that on escalators). The other kind is not mechanized and utilizes pedals in lieu of actual steps to mimic a climbing activity. Stair masters come with variable speeds and resistances and may also include sensors to monitor your heart rate and pulse.

Difference Between Cardio On A Stair Master And Cardio On The Tread Mill

The difference between a treadmill and a Stair master is that while a treadmill allows you to run, a Stair master allows you to mimic the action of climbing up a flight of stairs. So which is better from a cardio point of view? Well, strictly speaking, if you were to use the treadmill and the Stairmaster, for 15 minutes each, at the same intensity continuously, you would end up burning slightly more calories on the Stairmaster. This, however, should not be the only criteria when selecting one of the two for your cardio exercise.

The most important criteria when choosing one of these two equipments for your daily workout is your comfort level with each of these equipments. Some people prefer the more natural option of running and jogging that is available on the treadmill; yet others find it tedious and prefer to go with the slightly more demanding workout that the Stairmaster gives. Some people even opt for the best of both worlds by alternating between these two machines. Those with heel injuries might prefer the Stairmaster, while those with bad knees will usually opt for the treadmill. At the end of the day, be it the Stairmaster, or the treadmill, the choice is yours: you will only be able to give your cardio exercise your all if you actually like the activity that you are performing.

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