Acupuncture Therapy For Relieving Stress

By Patricia | November 10, 2008
Acupuncture For Relieving Stress

Given the fast-paced lifestyle of today, most people are exposed to relatively high levels of stress. In order to combat stress, why not try one of the alternative therapies such as acupuncture. Acupuncture does not involve the use of any medication and is non-invasive as well. It is an effective substitute for quick-fix solutions against stress such as alcohol or drugs. Acupuncture has been practiced as early as 2000 years ago with its origins in Chinese medicine.

Before beginning any treatment, an acupuncturist usually asks for your complete health history involving medical conditions, lifestyle habits, emotions and so on to completely assess the health of your body. As stress-related problems are highly specific to each individual, this step is an important part of the entire treatment. By understanding the general state of your health, an acupuncturist can identify the specific underlying problem, and perform the most effective form of therapy.

Acupuncturists believe that an ailment in the human body occurs due to an imbalance in the energy flowing through your body or due to a ‘blockage’ in the energy flow. The acupuncturists first identify energy lines along your body, known as meridians. Then, by inserting needles at specific points on these meridians, the energy flow is stimulated, which helps correct the imbalance.

When the body is going through stress, it releases chemicals into the blood that sets into motion a series of physical changes. These include higher blood pressure and a faster heart rate and breathing rate. For short periods of time, there is no damage to the body. However, chronic stress-related problems could lead to insomnia, depression and even muscular pains.

As acupuncture regulates the energy flow in the body, it has been shown to induce calming and tranquilizing effects amongst individuals, thereby reducing stress levels. It has also worked well against physical symptoms of stress such as headaches, gastric disorders and sleeping problems, as well as psychological symptoms like anxiety. Acupuncture has been used to reduce an individual’s dependence on prescriptive drugs or tranquilizers. Nevertheless, it comes with its set of risks. You should always go to a licensed practitioner to avoid the improper use of needles and to ensure the needles are always inserted correctly.

It is important to realize that acupuncture for stress should not be used in isolation. You should identify the reason for your stress along with the help of your acupuncturist and seek medical attention if needed. Further, a healthy diet and regular exercise is vital for good health.

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