Acupuncture For Overcoming Smoking Cessation

By Patricia | November 7, 2008
Acupuncture To Stop Smoking

How many times have you promised to quit smoking only to light up again? How many times have you actually quit, before starting again? The truth is that smoking is dangerously addictive. It seems easy to quit, but those who've tried will testify to just how hard it actually is to translate to reality. Some may argue that it is all about will power, others will confirm that it is much more. If you are trying to kick the butt, why not give acupuncture a shot? This traditional Chinese therapy is said to be very effective in overcoming nicotine addiction.

Acupuncture has been practiced for over 2000 years across Asia. It involves inserting and manipulating very thin needles (of different lengths and sizes.) along strategic points in the body. These points lie along the energy pathways of the body. When the needles are pierced along these acupuncture points, they release the locked, self-healing flow of energy in the body and restore the body’s balance.

It is essential to understand that acupuncture treatment will not solve your nicotine addiction. This isn’t a magic trick that will take the problem away. Acupuncture merely facilitates the right conditions that make it easier for you and your body to quit smoking.

When you approach an acupuncturist to solve your tobacco addiction, the process begins with an elaborate question and answer session that aims to understand your addiction, its underlying cause, and impact on the body. This in turn will define your treatment plan.

Once the acupuncturist is aware of the condition your body is in, he or she will proceed with the treatment. This involves piercing your skin with very thin needles along strategic points on the body; in the case of smokers, these points lie along the ears, hands and wrists.

After a session of acupuncture therapy you will feel calm and composed as opposed to nervous and edgy (because of withdrawal). Acupuncture releases endorphins into the system. These hormones boost relaxation and alleviate physical pain. Acupuncture further helps you achieve your goals by reducing your cigarette cravings. It also eases the withdrawal symptoms and boosts will power, which allows you to quit and stay cigarette free in the long run.

Acupuncture is a painless treatment with little or no side effects. It involves no additional medication, reducing the risk of substitute addiction. However it is essential that you seek out a trained professional acupuncturist while undertaking this form of treatment. It is best to follow this treatment in combination with group therapy.

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