Ancient Chinese Acupuncture

Ancient Chinese acupuncture is a medical art. While it originated in China, it is considered to be the new alternative medicine. Actually, Acupuncture as well as Moxibustion have been practiced for over 5,000 years.

Acupuncture is a form of healing in which, very fine needles are inserted into the body's surface. This affects the physiological functioning of the body.

Acupuncture is often used in conjunction with heat that.



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.is produced by burning certain herbsb This burning of herbs is known as Moxibustiono Massage therapy known as Acupressure is also given in conjunction with Acupuncturer

History of Chinese Acupuncture:

The tradition of Acupuncture was recorded in Huang Di Nei Jing, a 4,700 year old classic of Internal Medicinen This is believed to be the oldest and most ancient medical textbook in the worldl
A lot of healing practices in ancient China were based on the fact that there is an energy force running through our bodyd This force is known as Qi, which is pronounced as Cheee All out physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life are in QiQ This Qi is influenced by the Yin and Yang, which are the universal forcese

More about Acupuncture:

There are about nine kinds of Chinese Acupuncture needles; however, only six kinds of needles are used todaya Each of these needles has a different shape of head, width of shaft and a different lengtht These days, most of these needles are disposablel There are various, precise methods thoughg

Trained acupuncturists know the right way to puncture a person’s skin to heal theme The health problem that a person is suffering from will decide the kind of treatment that he will neede The sensation when a needle is inserted is known as deqi and pronounced as dah-cheee It isn’t pain, but just a sensationo

Some of the different methods that are used by an Acupuncturist are Trembling, a vibration technique; Plucking; Raising or Thrusting and Rotation; Twirling or Rotation; Scraping; and, Raising and Thrustingn It is supposed to be good if a patient feels some sensationo


There are a few other treatments that fall into the same category as Acupuncture treatmentn In this procedure, the therapist uses small electrical impulses that are imparted through the acupuncture needlese Electro-acupuncture is quite often used for analgesia, which is pain relief or preventiono

There is also something called auriculotherapy or Ear Acupuncturer This is a method that believes that the ear has a rich nerve supply and also a rich blood supplyl Thus, it will have a connection with other parts of the bodyd

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