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(September 5, 2010)

What yoga is beneficial to quit smoking

Smoking is one of the most common abuses of substance all over the world. Given the fact that it is a legal practice, only makes it that much more of an addiction to a huge percentage of the population. Cigarettes and cigars are easily available with a variety of looks, tastes and even degree of danger (from filtered to unfiltered). The dangers of smoking are directly linked to one primary ingredient – nicotine. Nicotine has no odor or color though it is both physically and psychologically addictive. When the smoke from a cigarette is inhaled, the nicotine content will enter the body in the way of a few tiny droplets. Once they have been inhaled into the lungs, it is allowed to pass directly into the bloodstream and will reach the brain in about 10 seconds. The effects that nictone have are fast as well as intense. Within 5 seconds of having reached the brain, the chemical will have reached every part of the body causing a rise in the heart rate as well as the blood pressure. This increase in the body’s vital signs will last for about 30 minutes, before the individual is likely to crave for another cigarette. Smoking is easily one of the hardest habits to break – almost everyone that smokes has realized the damage that it does to their bodies – but giving up the habit can sometimes be an overwhelming task.
Yoga, for all it benefits in the medical world, is an unlikely savior when it comes to helping fight off the habit of smoking. It is important to remember that yoga is not a miracle cure that will help you kick the habit. However, properly using the benefits of the many breathing and meditation techniques are likely to help substantially. The benefits of yoga for quitting smoking center around the fact that it allows your body to be more open to self control. Moreover, given the fact that yoga helps cultivate determination as well as the willpower of an individual, these are two character traits that a smoker is going to find in short supply initially. Through the regular practice of yoga, however, the individual is likely to become the master of his or her own choices. The benefits of yoga for quitting smoking therefore mainly stem from the strong mental focus that yoga builds through its meditative practices. The benefits of yoga for quitting smoking also include the replenishing and rejuvenating qualities of yoga.  The techniques of yoga to quit smoking include pranayams, which actually help strengthen the lungs. The techniques of yoga to quit smoking include the practices known as Jala Neti and is known to be efficient at both, physical and psychological levels.

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It is nice to know that you are considering yoga to help quit smoking. Many people who are addicted to smoking try several different ways to quit this harmful habit but most of them fail and go back to it. This maybe either due to poor will or due to the reason that they picked a wrong method to quit smoking. Yoga helps you to quit smoking as it works from deep inside your body and makes you more aware of each and every limb in your body. When you join a regular yoga class or practice simple yoga asanas or poses and pranayama or breathing techniques at home it makes you aware of your breathing pattern and the way your body moves and reacts to it. The yoga asanas or postures require a lot of focus, strength and balance and when you achieve it, that helps you realize the way every limb in your body moves and you develop a sense of confidence in your body. It makes you want to care for it and refuse all that is unhealthy for it. Thus it helps you to quit smoking.

Besides yoga asanas or poses and the pranayama or the breathing exercises put pressure on different parts of your body in a systematic way that helps to deeply cleanse and detoxify it so all the harmful toxins and waste matter is eliminated from it. This also helps to stimulate the various glands in your body to optimize their functioning so your body rejuvenates itself naturally from deep within. After this happens your body will naturally start rejecting anything that is unhealthy for it and you would feel repulsed by the idea of smoking a cigarette or consuming anything that is not healthy for your body. Yoga asanas or poses along with Dhyana or meditation and pranayama or breathing exercises helps you to overcome your emotional problems as it relieves stress, tension and worry which are among the main reasons for people to smoke. It also makes you more confident about yourself so you do not go back to your old habits.

Besides this yoga strengthens and boosts your immune system and the pranayama or breathing exercises increase the capacity of your lungs and reverse the damage caused to your body by smoking too much. It also helps to curb the craving for cigarettes and nicotine that is generally experienced by people who smoke too much and suddenly stop smoking. Most of the people who stop smoking experience a sudden weight gain; yoga helps avoid this as it works out your entire system.

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