Corporate Yoga for Improving Productivity at Workplace

By Patricia | May 14, 2009
Corporate Yoga

First, let’s define corporate fitness. This could also be termed as ‘health in the workplace’ or ‘workplace health’

We have seen that in all industries, the working environment has changed. The number of workers in all offices has increased, and there is more competition for promotions as well as to meet deadlines, leading to increased stress levels. Physically too, working long hours on the computer, lengthy use of the phone, frequent traveling, irregular eating hours and odd working hours have also introduced various health hazards.

The use of the personal computer has spawned a whole new range of physical problems, because working long hours and incorrect sitting postures combined with faulty ergonomics of chairs, leads to pains in the neck, shoulder, back, hip and wrists.

Sitting at work for long hours also puts the workers at other risks. For example they may develop blood clots, which can ultimately prove fatal as they can cause heart attacks, chest pains or strokes.

The emotional and physical problems lead to increasing medical leave, frequent job-changing, decreased efficiency and low morale. With an attitudinal change towards  workers, companies have begun to realize that looking after health and wellness could actually have a direct benefit on office atmosphere and hence on productivity. With this in mind, many offices have introduced yoga on its premises, for their workers.

Office Yoga has been found to have many benefits. Not only is it a wonderful stress-buster, it also raises morale and leads to more positive thinking. The exercises of yoga also help to release muscle pain and tension caused by long hours of sitting, thereby improving general health.

Yoga with its scientific approach offers a complete mind-body health system, and along with increasing flexibility and strength, it also increases energy levels and reduces fatigue, all of which enriches the corporate environment, and increase productivity.

Corporate yoga can be used effectively for all levels – from base employees to senior management. Any quiet spacious place – the boardroom, lunchroom, gym, garden or spare room – is suitable. And the only equipments required are yoga mats and comfortable clothes.

Corporate yoga has been found to be effective because of these benefits, leading to increased productivity:

  • Increases physical fitness and flexibility
  • Improves overall health and posture
  • Reduces risks for developing other stress-related diseases
  • De-stresses and relaxes mind and body
  • Improves concentration, memory and focus
  • Refreshes the mind and tackles boredom
  • Rekindles motivation in working hard and meeting targets
  • Decreases depression and negative outlook
  • Increases fitness and happiness
  • Increases levels of personal confidence
  • Creates a positive attitude and increases team bonding
  • Creates a sense of harmony in the workplace
  • Creates a higher level of job satisfaction
  • Creates higher morale
  • Reduces excessive absenteeism of employees
  • Reduces frequent staff turnover

All this results in increased productivity and output.

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