Home Remedies To Prevent White Patches

By Patricia | April 28, 2010

There are some white patches developed on the corner of my lips, specialist confirmed it as vitiligo, any home cure to stop further spread ?

Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes the color or pigment of the skin to disappear in patches on the skin. This leads to the affected area becoming pale pink or whitish in appearance. The visual effect of vitiligo can cause a person to completely change complexion or have patches of skin of a lighter complexion. This can be especially embarrassing for darker skinned people as the contrast is extreme between affected and unaffected parts of the body.

The exact cause of vitiligo has not been fully comprehended by researchers. However, there is strong evidence linking it to genetics and environmental factors. It may even have an auto immune relation where your immune system attacks the cells that take care of giving your skin its pigment. Because vitiligo is embarrassing, it may cause patients to suffer from stress related disorders. Studies have shown that stress can accelerate the progression of vitiligo symptoms. The basic symptom for vitiligo is the appearance of a patch or patches of skin in a light pink color on the body.

Preventive Treatment For Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a chronic condition. So far there is no cure for it. There are a few things that you can do to ease the speed at which the patches grow. You can also take some measures to make the condition more bearable. The affected areas should be treated with sunscreen when you are out in the bright sun. Because of the loss of pigmentation, your skin may easily get burnt in the sun. An experimental treatment that may reverse the effects or slow the effect of pigment loss is to use a substance that controls your immune system. This kind of substance is either a suppressant or a stimulant. In the case of vitiligo your doctor may recommend an immunosuppressant.

As far as using home remedies for vitiligo, you can try a substance known as wild duckweed. You can use the juice from wild duckweed to the patches of skin that are affected. Another home remedy for this problem is to use a mixture of turmeric powder and mustard oil. Turmeric can be mixed in a 1:16 ratio with water and the solution boiled until about 70% of it has evaporated. This mixture could then be mixed with mustard oil and heated again until the solution left is an oily liquid. Apply this on the patches for a few weeks for some encouraging results.

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