Vicks Vapor Rub and Tea Tree Oil for Toenail Fungus

By Patricia | August 5, 2009

How does vicks vapor rub and tea tree oil help to treat toenail fungus?

In toe nail fungus, nails become thick and start losing their white color and become yellow. They also start drying and become brittle and easily chipped. The skin around the nail also becomes dry and scaly. Though blistering is uncommon, it may occur accompanied with severe pain. There might be pain during walking or standing. If the fungus is severe, the nail might get completely detached from the toe.

Essentially caused by the growth of fungus called dermatophytes, toe nail fungus occurs due to skin lesions or infections that might happen in the skin surrounding the nails. A moist and warm environment, devoid of any sunlight could also be a cause for the growth of this fungus. The skin infections spread rapidly in moist conditions and so do fungal molds. The fungal infection may also occur if you are in the habit of wearing tight shoes or running a lot. Such activities can cause trauma to the nails and encourage the growth of fungus.

Treatment With Vicks And Tea Tree Oil

Vicks vaporub and tea tree oil along with camphor phenol paste, weak apple cider vinegar and saline solution are popular home remedies for remedying toenail fungus.

To prevent toe nail fungus, try and get manicures and pedicures only through tools that have been thoroughly disinfected. The tools should have been cleaned with alcohol and dried in the sun for at least an hour. When you have a shower, wash your legs, feet and toes thoroughly. Rub the areas between your toes with soap to get the sweat and the grime out. Also when you are cutting your toe nails, do not cut too close to the skin. If you try to cut too close, you might leave a cut or a small lesion on the tip of your toe. This is an easy breeding ground for fungus.

Wear shoes that are comfortable and give enough room for the toes to move. Avoid wearing socks made of synthetic materials. Wear only cotton socks because they allow air to pass through. If the weather is warm, wear flip flops or sandals. Also if your feet sweat a lot, use an antifungal powder to prevent any infection.

Vicks Vaporub has a high concentration of menthol and can help in choking the fungus. It not only cures the infection but prevents it from recurring. Similarly, tea tree oil is antiseptic and due to its anti fugal, anti bacterial and anti viral properties, it is used in many cosmetic products too.

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