Steam Burns: Burning Sensation | Skin Burns Treatment And Remedies

By Patricia | May 28, 2009

Almost every individual would have experienced the painful and burning sensation of a skin burn at some point or the other in their life. A steam burn takes place when an individual comes into contact with the steam coming out of a pressure cooker or boiling water. Steam burns differ in severity; burns related to steam need great care in their treatment. Depending upon the degree of injuries, burns are classified in to three different categories namely first degree burns (burns that cause redness on the skin surface), second degree burns (burns that cause blisters on the skin and superficial damage to the dermis) and third degree burns (burns that are characterized by the destruction of both epidermis and dermis).

Some tips for treating superficial skin burns:

  • Applying fresh papaya on the skin helps in relieving the burning sensation and also aids in faster healing. This is because the enzymes from the papaya fruit help in getting rid of the dead cells from the affected area.
  • Use the gel from fresh aloe Vera leaves and apply these directly on the affected skin for the wound to heal quickly. To prevent scarring, puncture a capsule of vitamin E and pour out the contents on the skin.

Steam burns are usually deceptive in appearance, as such that even though it may appear that the affected skin has turned red, it is possible that a third-degree burn may have been afflicted, which can cause blisters to appear and the skin to turn white. Since steam is inconspicuous, a steam burn victim may not be aware of the extent of damage that the burn has caused until there is a burning hot sensation on the affected body part.

Moreover, during a steam burn, the steam dissolves into the skin, causing the affected skin to reach a degree of 100 degrees Celsius. One of the most important things to do when someone around you gets steam burns is to ensure that the individual stays cool and collected. Before medical help arrives, take stock of the situation by observing the skin condition and analyzing the seriousness of the burns. Most importantly, do not rinse the affected skin with cold water as it can cause more pain without bringing about any relief to the patient from the burning sensation. Instead try spraying the burnt skin area with a cooling medicated gel or a cooling lotion meant for skin burns. In some cases, patients may have trouble taking a breath and in such cases if the burn area is larger than the palm, it is strongly advised to contact a health professional right away. Till the time paramedical help arrives, cover the affected skin with nonstick gauze and keep the area in an elevated position above the heart.

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