Treating Muscle Cramps In Children

By Patricia | April 20, 2010

When the muscle contracts and tightens involuntarily sharp pains may shoot up the affected area and this is what is commonly called a muscle cramp. Cramps usually occur in the calf muscles, the back of the thigh, abdomen and hands, and can last for several minutes at a stretch. Children spend large amounts of their time in the outdoors running and walking. This rigorous exercise may cause cramps in the calf muscles. Cramps are symptomised by pain in the leg, tender muscles, and being unable to move the leg when the cramp occurs.


As far as home remedies are concerned, the meridian nerve that leads to the leg and feet has to be stimulated and for this you may press firmly on the upper leg. Applying an ice pack to the affected area will relieve the tension as will massaging the muscle that has contracted. A bath in hot water or a hot towel compress can soothe the pain and the child must try to simultaneously stretch and massage the muscle to get the cramp to subside naturally. If the child leads a more sedentary life, this could be a reason for the cramps, and the child must bike or walk a reasonable distance every day. If used to regular exercise routine, warm ups will prevent sudden attacks.

Dehydration is a major cause for cramps and the child must drink plenty of fluids, especially those with a high electrolyte content. Salt and sugar solutions or lemonade with salt and sugar mixed into it will help the child a great deal. Increase the intake of food that contains calcium, potassium and magnesium such as skimmed milk, yogurt, cheese, tofu, navy beans, bananas, oranges, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, papayas, strawberries, and almonds as well. Drink either chamomile tea or tea made with red raspberry leaf every morning if subject to the pains often. A concoction made of a teaspoon of honey, and 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water consumed every morning will help.

Muscle Spasms Symptom - Pain

If the child is overweight or obese, make sure she or he loses weight slowly and steadily. Cramps that are chronic and recur at a regular basis are more serious and may be caused by a misalignment of muscles or bones in the body. A common example is flat feet or PVP, which causes certain muscles to overwork leading to spasms at night. This condition will require immediate medical attention and can be corrected.

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