Light Bleeding Between Periods Without Pain & Insomnia

By Patricia | January 25, 2010

I am with regular periods, but from my last two weeks I am having small bleeding without any pain and insomnia, is this abnormal?

Irregular periods are nothing to worry about as they affect at least 50% of women world over during their reproductive phase. Irregular periods can be late periods, a missed period, an early one or even bleeding between periods, as in your case. The most common cause for this condition is a hormonal imbalance. The female body produces estrogen and progesterone which are found in the ovaries, pituitary gland and hypothalamus. These parts send signals to each other in order to release hormones and begin the menstrual cycle. Occasionally the signals cross each other or get skipped and result in irregular periods.

This irregularity may be the result of excessive stress which can upset the hormonal balance in your body. Worry, fatigue and anxiety are major causes as is a poor diet. Sudden weight gain or loss, anorexia or bulimia tend to upset the body’s hormonal balance and in extreme cases may lead to no periods at all. Intense exercise regimens may also wreak havoc as your body is not used to it and requires time to adjust. If you are sexually active and on birth control pills, it will take time for your body to adjust to the new hormones that the pill releases and you may experience an irregular cycle. If you experience heavy bleeding, extreme cramping, pain, and dizziness or have fainting spells, you may want to visit a doctor, but since you do not experience pain and only have insomnia, it is probably something that you can remedy on your own. First think back and try to identify if any of the causes for irregular periods seems familiar, it can then be remedied accordingly. If you are experiencing inordinate stress, you might try to relax through meditation or yoga or by simply taking things easy. Note that if you have an eating disorder, affecting your menstrual cycle is the least it can do. It may soon cause problems with your throat, heart, liver, and bowel. While light exercises are good to get your cycle back to normal, do not overdo it as it may backfire and affect your cycle.

As regards your insomnia, some women experience breast tenderness, back aches and pains in the pelvic region during their periods and lose sleep. But experts do refer to what is called “premenstrual insomnia” where progesterone which also functions as a sedative hormone drops drastically resulting in sleeplessness. The problem is likely to disappear on its own, but in the mean time you can try drinking carrot juice every day for 3-4 months. Grape juice and the juice from an unripe green papaya are also known to help.

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